Svaroopa Yoga Teacher Training

svaroopa yoga teacher trainingWe are always looking for a new way to take better care of ourselves. With yoga teacher training and the focus on Svaroopa Yoga you can create your own transformation, healing and illumination. “Svaroopa” yoga focuses on Core Opening which helps end your back pain and the tension that sits in your neck and shoulders. This type of training will help give you peace from headaches, and fewer colds and flu because your breathing will improve and your body will function better.

“Svaroopa”Yoga teachers are the new IT factor. This style of yoga teaching focuses on leading their students into a new experience with their bodies and going way beyond the physical benefits that the traditional yoga can provide. This yoga certification provides teachers an understanding to lead the way to helping not only themselves but their students transform their minds, bodies, and lives.

The Program

If you are looking for a reason to join “Svaroopa” Yoga teacher training look no further. This training will prepare you to let go of the person that you think you are and open you up to the new understanding of who you can become and recognize the person you are inside. This training will not only give you training for yoga poses but it will really address to you and your future students how to change your body and mind while providing a sense of balance and clarity.

As a yoga teacher you must be able to handle other people’s bodies when they come to you with aches and pains. This yoga teacher training will give you the tools that you need for this and provide you with the best training, more poses, and more personal coaching. A Svaroopa Yoga teacher is recognized as a very qualified and skilled teacher for diverse body types. The extensive training will boost your confidence and provide you with life changing experiences that bring you a better life.

Experience Teachers Will Gain Tools

Each training group will teach you how to instruct people with different body types while customizing their poses. The yoga teacher training typically provides you with curriculum and 685 hours of training and support. You will gain all the tools necessary to become the best teacher you can.

The things you will walk away with are:
• 128 asanas including personalized props and adjustments
• 325 pose adjustment
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Teaching Methodology
• Supervised teaching with coaching
• Meditation instruction and experience
Yoga Sutras and teaching on philosophy
• Sanskrit terminology
• Chanting and Mantras
• Experiential Asana classes
• Guided Shavasansas and discussion
• Mentors

Advanced Yoga Training

Do you want to continue to build on your initial yoga teacher training? This style of “Svaroopa” Yoga can take you on a life long journey to learning. This is equivalent to training for a Master’s Degree in yoga. While going through the levels of training you will notice that each step of the way the process will alter you. Reaching out and always looking for ways to expand your skill set, increase your earning potential and deepen your connection with yoga brings a positive to your life.
An advanced yoga teacher training will bring you deeper wisdom and personal support of yoga. You will be taught how to interweave deeper knowledge with deeper poses by sharing and creating the ancient philosophy with your students. You will be taught how to deal with your students and their families and impact the healing process among them.


During your yoga teacher training you will be awarded with each level of accomplished mastery which will help promote your skill set to future students. Your mastery of the yoga practice allows you to guide students while keeping your yogic state. You will know how to guide them through practice while at the same time allowing yourself the ability to benefit.

Keep Learning

Some of us are always looking to improve and learn more. We want to absorb as much knowledge as there is for us to gain. Find a way to integrate your yoga teacher training, yoga practice and yoga philosophy into your life at the pace that fits with your learning style, your schedule and your budget. This style of teaching is meant to improve the physical, mental and emotional health and well-being of anyone that practices. Whether you are a beginner or at expert level yogi, you will be surprised at this style of yoga and what it can offer you. It will bring you a renewed sense of self and a new surge of energy to help you achieve a deeper yoga practice.

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