Synergy Yoga Teacher Training

Synergy Yoga is created with the styles of hatha yoga. This style and holistic system exercises your entire body and creates a mental and physical healing through creating awareness and a release from blocked energy and emotions in your body. Yoga teacher training explains that Synergy yoga will strengthen your internal energy flows and will prepare your body and mind for the higher connection and elements of yoga.

Teacher Training

Synergy yoga teacher training will provide a hatha yoga instruction in a spiritual and loving atmosphere to help bring a creative and understanding to your learning. The home study course is designed for all yoga students of all yoga levels. Not only does it train new yoga teachers, but the program also helps strengthen the yoga practice of any student that wishes to focus exclusively on creating a deeper personal practice and experience through living the yogic path.

A Synergy yoga class

During each yoga teacher session your muscles are stretched in a natural progressive senesce which helps to stimulate and strengthen all of you major organs and systems in your body. The classes are typically 90 minutes long and are designed to be refreshing, relaxing and therapeutic. The style follows a traditional East Indian practice, the studio is heated to a body temperature which helps deepen your stretch and improve your flexibility. The heated room will also provide a gradual detoxification of the tissues. The room is also scented with essential oils to help purify and cleanse your respiratory system. The overall effect of this helps to rejuvenate and calm your body and mind.

Guidelines and Information

  • For most beneficial experience, yoga should be practiced on a daily or regular basis and a minimum of three time per week
  • Use of heated room promotes flexibility and deeper stretch while helping detoxification
  • Clothing should be nonrestrictive
  • No perfume, cologne or other strong scents allowed
  • Do not eat shortly before class, drink plenty of water and stay hydrated throughout the day
  • Arrive on time
  • Bring a large towel and mat
  • Notify yoga teacher of any health situations (pregnancy, injury, illness)

Teacher Training for Synergy Yoga Practice

There are hundreds of trained practicing Synergy Yoga Teachers. The yoga teacher training programs are home based. The training is an ongoing process so you may sign up immediately and train for 180 days to become a certified yoga teacher.

The Synergy yoga teacher training has high standards for teachers and is in accordance with the Yoga Alliance Standards. There are three levels of training offered.

Synergy yoga is a holistic style of yoga practice based on scientific and medical research. It will exercise the entire body and creates mental and physical healing through awareness and the release of blocked emotions and energy.

Areas covered in Yoga teacher Training

– Practice and Techniques of Meditation
– Origins of Yoga
– Yoga Philosophy
– Purpose of Yoga
– Purpose of each Asana
– Benefit of each Asana
– Asana Practice
– Hands-on Corrections
– Jyotish Astrology as it relates to Yoga
– Science of Ayurveda as it relates to Yoga
– Anatomy and Physiology
– Nutrition and Medicine
– Emotional Processing through Asana
– Relaxation
– Teaching Methodology

Yoga Certification will require a completion of the six month practicum. Your yoga teaching certificate will be given to you once you have completed the practicum and the final teaching evaluation done by a senior teacher. Ongoing education afterwards is required to maintain a current yoga teaching certificate.

Six Month Practicum Program

This practicum is designed for the student to build a deep and strong foundation. Completion of this practicum will provide the student the ability to teach Synergy Yoga. There is a structured six month home assignment schedule. Yoga study weekends and midterm and final are held at the studio. Yoga classes, meditation, posture clinics, and meetings with yoga mentors are all part of the yoga certification.

Included in the program:

– SYNERGY Yoga Teacher Training Manual
– Monthly readings
– Homework assignments with feedback given from a Synergy Yoga Mentor Teacher
– Regular practice of yoga and meditation
– Learning and teaching both the Original Synergy Yoga and Gentle posture flows
– Teaching and feedback from a Synergy Yoga Mentor Teacher

The Yoga Study Weekend – Mid Term/Final

Ongoing yoga teacher training education programs are available to help you stay connected and to ensure you remain one of the best trained yoga teachers anywhere.

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