Synergy Yoga

Synergy YogaYoga Synergy is a style of yoga that offers a safe practice for the modern body across all areas of fitness. It is a style of yoga that is suitable for anyone in ability and health. It can be a gentle yoga for the beginner or those that are healing from an injury or it can also be a challenging practice for those more familiar with yoga and need extra power in their routine. Yoga teacher training is starting to grow more and more and this style is catching interest in new teachers.

5 Sequences of Synergy Yoga

There are five dynamic sequences that are part of the Synergy yoga teaching style which are: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether. Each sequence will be taught by a yoga teacher progressively over a time period. The sequences tend to be taught in accordance with what they are. For instance the fire sequence may be taught in winter months to help warm your body and joints. Each class session concludes with a meditation exercise that will leave you calm and relaxed.

All students should be aware to understand the basic ideas of the postures before attempting the more complex ones. When you have a routine practice it is best to respond to your body and listen to how the postures are affecting it instead of how you hoped your body would react to the practice and poses. Yoga teacher training explains by creating a practice of listening to your body you will be able to create more energy and work in a meditative flow practice.

Develop your own practice

With a regular practice or yoga teachingyou will have the chance to learn each of the five sequences and then develop your own practice. You will gain the knowledge and skills to have your own safe and independent home practice. All yoga teacher training suggests that this technique can be applied to any yoga style and that it should be done with the intention of energizing your body while calming the mind.

About the 5 Elements

Synergy Yoga sequences were named in honor of the 5 Great Elements of Hinduism and Ayurveda which are believe to make up all of creation including the human body. The human body of course upon death dissolves back into these five elements of nature which brings a balance of the cycle of nature which is set in motion by the creative forces of our universe. Each element is attached to our five senses and acts as the bridge to our hearing, touch, smells taste and sight. Each element is used to create the next.

Earth- Earth is the first of the 5 sequences and is usually practiced in the start of the year to get us grounded and ready to begin. Since our year tends to warm up the practice is calm and cooling with the intention to create a balanced mind and regular practice towards a long term goal.

Water- Water is the second of the 5 sequences and as the year has begun and you are creating a routine the weather begins to change and cool. Water is a binding element and necessary for our survival. The liquids in our body are a key way for us to move energy through our bodies and take waste away. The intention is the water practice will bring about change through fluid movement.

Fire- Fire is the third of the 5 sequences designed to heat energy during cold months. It is the engine of all the others. In our body the fire and energy binds together and transforms into energy. It will charge our nervous system and emotions. We want to create a fire to boost our immunity and maintain stamina through the cold months.

Air- Air is the fourth of the 5 sequences and is designed to light our body and spirit as we move into spring. The intention as we practice this sequence is to move the stale and old energy from winter out and bring a lightness to ourselves with increased mobility and movement through our entire body.

Ether- Ether is the final piece of the 5 sequences and is usually done as summer is near. Ether is the part of one mind, sound or vibration of our body. It is the lightest of all elements and the intention of this sequence is to maintain a sense of balance and calm so that you can unify and energize your body, mind and spirit.

Continuing with a Synergy yoga practice or learning more through a yoga teacher training program will allow you to improve your stamina, increase flexibility and balance and brings you a much needed sense of wellbeing while providing a nurturing space for your body and mind.

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