Tantra Yoga Practice

Tantra Yoga PracticeMany refer to Tantra yoga as the expansion of levels of your own consciousness to be able to realize the Supreme Reality. Tantra yoga focuses on the piece of divinity referred to as Shakti, or the Cosmic Mother. Through yoga teacher training we are taught that through Tantra practice we can become attune with the spiritual connection of energy in order to help transform our own personal limits and release our subconscious walls.

Many yoga teachers make that point of explaining that Tantra Yoga is a pure path and are not concerned with sexuality, but with the creative forces and moving energy into high channels. Sometimes yoga teachers that are self-styled have made the wrong connection and symbolized Tantra yoga as a sexual practice for men and women.

Tantra Yoga Goal

The true meaning behind the Tantra yoga practice is to awaken and harmonize the female and male aspects within each of us to be able to spiritually awaken and see the whole universe as an expression of the Cosmic Mother, the divine life force or Spirit. Yoga teacher training will guide you towards the true practice and teaching of Tantra yoga goals.

Tantra Yoga and Meditation

Part of Tantra Yoga falls on meditation practice. Meditation with Tantra yoga is practiced with the yogi sitting calmly and purifying their mind and heart of chaotic and unnecessary thoughts and desires. The yogi then is allowed to sense the life force within themselves and gradually, through their imagination and their feeling, can direct the life force to rise up through the spine from the tailbone all the way into the neck and then into your forehead.

Once you have gained the proper tools from your yoga teacher training program you will have the knowledge to then take the life force gathered in your forehead and direct it to move out from the forehead and form a body of light and energy about three to six feet in front of you. The body of light that sits in front of you is encouraged to become dense and expand until it is as large as human form.

Through yoga teaching the yogi then directs love and devotion toward the body of light which is thought of as a representation of their soul and essence. After fifteen to thirty minutes of this type of meditation practice the yogi will invite the light and energy back to slowly return into the forehead and down through the body to the base of the spine bringing all that energy through the body at the same time.

Through yoga teaching and practice this amazing sense of renewal is felt through tantric meditation and your spiritual awakening is increased. This makes you completely aware that the life force and essence within each person is truly divine and it is spiritual.

Breaking Bad Habits

Another key element of Tantra yoga is the ability to rid yourself of negative habits or obsessions such as drinking, smoking, and overeating. Tantra yoga teaching gives you the tools to use if you cannot simply just walk away from a bad habit. A true yogi with a strong Tantra practice realizes that they have failed giving you the bad habit because it has been going on for a long period of time. Through Tantra yoga teaching we can try to expand our consciousness and transform bad habits.

Transforming the habit into feeling the presence of God will bring new satisfaction to the yogi with the bad habit. For instance with an over-eater:

  • As you eat, you push to realize the food is an expression of the spirit, the awareness you have of the food will liberate you from a desperate approach to meals.
  • If you mix all the food on your plate into one mass which may not look as appealing you are freed from the visual attraction, the food is simply there for energy.

A true Tantra yogi thinks of God during each hour of their day. In this type of devotion they are freed from any bad habits and can enter a state of enlightenment.

Yoga teacher training is a good way to build your skills around a specific yoga style. Is Tantra yoga the one for you? Are you looking for a deeper connection to God? Maybe this will be the one that best describes your personal practice.

Anamaya Resort may not offer this style of yoga or yoga teacher training for it but would like to offer information on an educational purpose.

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