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We are honored by the wonderful things that our guests write about us, and are inspired by their inspiration. On this page, we have collected excerpts from some of the many unsolicited blog posts written by our guests on their own websites. We encourage you to read these if you’re considering a visit to Anamaya, to see how Anamaya has touched the hearts and lives of so many.

From “Unexpected Pleasures: Costa Rica” by Beverly D’Souza

    April 6, 2014

    Bev in Anamaya's poolFrom her inspiring blog “Table for One: A Young Widow’s Musings and Healing Journey Through The Kitchen…”

    “So talking about “wow” moments, I had my breath taken away when I visited Costa Rica for the first time a couple of weeks ago. As a guest of Anamaya Resort that specializes in yoga retreats and yoga teacher’s training, I was able to experience the benefits of the practise in a setting that is — quite literally — postcard perfect. It also turned out to be a wonderful bonding experience with other guests as we ate together, practised yoga together and enjoyed excursions to the beach and neighbouring town…”

    Full Blog Post:


Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

From her blog “XTY Crossing” by Kristy Nguyen

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

From “Anamaya Love” by Min Harmoni

    min harmoni - yoga on the main deckMarch 3, 2014

    “…I felt like I belonged in the wild, in the beautiful, tropical jungle and I really want to go back someday. I felt so blessed and grateful to have been there, that I cried tears of gratitude on the plane home. Having met all these people from around the world, sharing their passions. I’ve got so inspired to life and I would highly recommend this loving place to everybody!”

    Full Blog Post:


Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

One Way Ticket – Dana Brewster’s Document Film

    November/December 2013 YTT

    One Way Ticket is a documentary following the life of writer/musician Dana Brewster as he moves all his belongings into a storage unit in Los Angeles, Ca, and travels throughout Central America.

    One Way Ticket Documentary…My days here at Anamaya begin with the rising sun. The 30 students that are here then gather on the Yoga deck. Seated in silence we begin an hour long meditation, clearing the storm of our minds and being still. We then flow directly into our morning Yoga practice. Each morning starts this way. Gathered together without words for the first few hours of the day. It is powerful and it makes one become all the more aware of the noise and chaos that often consumes our lives…

    More Information:

    Anamaya Interview – with Dana Brewster about One Way Ticket
    Facebook Fan Page for One Way Ticket
    http://www.onewayticketfilm.com – Movie Website

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

From the Blog “Another Day of Grace”

October 16, 2013

“A Week at Anamaya Yoga Retreat – Pura Vida at its Best”

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Casie Stewart: This is My Life

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

DEVOTION – The Music Created at one of Anamaya’s YTTs

    Jan/Feb 2013

    Karina Brossman, Alisha Nicole Ayyad, Alyson Lyon and Ross Brown are “Devotion”

    Devotion - Photo by Darrah Sea…Devotion is a musical collaboration formed during my Yoga teacher training experience in Costa Rica in Jan-Feb 2013. Devotion features Karina Brossman and Allison Lyon on guitar and vocals, and myself on lead guitar. We teamed up with Darrah Hollenbeck, the most talented photographer in the group, who did an amazing job with just one little HD video camera. The scenery at Anamaya Mind, Body, and Spirit Wellness Resort in Montezuma Costa Rica…

    Videos, Music, and the Story of Devotion:


Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Ksenija Savic’s Photo Blog

    April 27, 2012

    Sacred Soul Retreats

    Anamaya Breakfast - by Ksenija Savic…when you are in Costa Rica, time really doesn’t seem to have a place here, so it is a little hard to grasp that it is already almost time to leave this paradise! For those of you who may just now be tuning in, i am currently in Costa Rica documenting an AMAZING mind, body & soul retreat with Sacred Soul Retreats. There has been SO MUCH that has transpired throughout this past week. Below is a bit of our journey shared with you through my eyes, mind, body, spirit… and most importantly, my heart…

    Full Blog Posts:

    http://www.ksenijasavicblog.com/index.cfm?postID=660 – Sacred Soul Retreats: Part I
    http://www.ksenijasavicblog.com/index.cfm?postID=661 – Sacred Soul Retreats: Part II
    http://www.ksenijasavicblog.com/index.cfm?postID=662 – Sacred Soul Retreats: Part III

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

From Where in the World is Jennifer Santiago

    September 18, 2010

    Jennifer Santiago is a reporter from Miami, Florida who has won two Emmys for her reporting.

    Jennifer Santiago…Every morning I started my day with a nearly two-hour practice facing the Gulf of Nicoya. The deck sits in the shade and the view is breathtaking. Anayama hires highly-experienced teachers who tailor their practice to their students’ various levels. In my case- as an experienced Yogini- I was able to work on perfecting Scorpion and back bends. This was a perfect, nurturing environment to take my practice to the next level- or just meditate and stretch after a long day of surfing. Aside from Yoga, Anamaya fosters a healthy-living environment by providing only organic and local food…

    Full Blog Post:


Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

More Blog Posts from Our Guests

Soleil Yoga: Thank You Anamaya – Blog Post with photos by recent guest teacher Jessie Migneault
A Business Model That Works For You! – WhiteboardConsulting.com
Lovegoodstuff.nl/yoga – Speak Dutch? Read this blog from a guest from the Netherlands.
Mami-eggroll.com – Costa Rica Adventures part 2
Songs and Skies – Photos and description of a couple’s retreat at Anamaya in April 2014.

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

Photo Collections from Our Guests

Carrie Ingham – Amazing YTT photos
Darrah Sea – Member of Anamaya YTT band “Devotion”, who took our favorite photo of all time at Anamaya.
Jeffrey Sargent – Came to Anamaya for one of our “Soul Surfer” retreats.
Jessica Lopez – “Welcome to the Jungle” Photo collection
Wendy Hickock – Amazing photography during one of our Yoga Teacher Trainings

Anamaya Body Mind and Spirit Resort

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