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Pure Yoga Costa Rica
If you’ve dreamed of doing yoga in one of the most exotic and spectacular settings on earth, then you’ve come to the right place. Anamaya is all about yoga. Many who have come to visit say that it was the idea of practicing yoga while gazing out at our view that lead them to choose Anamaya, and it ends up being the greatest part of their yoga retreat experience. Generally we offer two classes per day, taught by our in house instructors or our guest teachers. Every year, dozens of amazing yoga teachers travel to Costa Rica to teach for a week or two, and just as with our guests, it’s a dream come true to bring their yoga class to Anamaya’s yoga deck.

Testimonial: “Yoga Teacher Training in Paradise”

“I just got back from a month at Anamaya and it was beyond my expectations (and I had pretty high expectations). Didn’t think it was possible but the view from that infinity pool and the yoga deck was well beyond what anyone has been able to capture in photos. I’ve been completely spoiled now… the yoga classes had monkeys playing a few feet away in the trees, colorful humming birds and butterflies zipping around and whales splashing around in the ocean view…”

From Guest Review by hiyahVancouver on Oct 13, 2011

Trip Advisor Costa Rica

Pure Happiness at Anamaya Yoga
Who doesn’t need more happiness in their lives? Costa Rica was recently rated as the #1 happiest country in the world because of its natural beauty, the natural good nature of the people, and the spectacularly great climate. We don’t train our staff to be friendly. We hire people who naturally love to show our guests a great time, and are excited to show off the wonders of Anamaya and Costa Rica. Anamaya’s yoga retreats are designed to bring a smile to your face from morning to night.

Is Costa Rica truly the happiest country on the planet? You can read these news stories to find out:

CNN: Costa Rica Tops List of ‘Happiest Nations’
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Testimonial: “Paradise found…”

“Doing early morning yoga on the deck that overlooks the beautiful Pacific Ocean is something I’ll never forget. My mind definitely wandered more than it should during yoga as I took the amazing views. The pictures on the website do not do it justice. It’s even more beautiful in person… We were very lucky and people who started the week as strangers quickly became our friends. We had many a laugh while sitting around the pool… We’ll be back…”

From Guest Review by Kerriat, Trip Advisor, March 2012
Trip Advisor Costa Rica
Pure Peace in Costa Rica
Do you feel stressed out by the pressure of everyday life and the rat race mentality of the modern world? Rest and relaxation are absolutely essential to maintain health and happiness. Enter a world of pure peace and tranquility here at Anamaya. Our Costa Rica yoga retreat center is built upon the edge of a bluff overlooking 270-degree views of the ocean and jungle, in the beach town of Montezuma. Surrounded by a primary forest filled with monkeys, parrots, and other wildlife, the relaxing surroundings will make you feel you’re in the Garden of Eden, setting you at ease and recharging your mind, body and spirit.

Testimonial: “One of the Most Amazing Experiences of my Life…”

“I had the honor of staying at Anamaya and teaching and taking yoga for a seven day retreat. It is one of the most peaceful and tranquil places on earth. The facilities are beautiful and the view is breath-taking. Doing yoga on the open air deck facing the ocean was a dream come true. The food was excellent and the package included three meals per day with great variety. Everything home made and organic. Delicious. Relaxing by the edgeless pool or on a hammock was my favorite thing… but the best part of the experience was the staff at Anamaya. They were all wonderful and did everything to make my stay excellent…”

From Guest Yoga Teacher KimmyG123 from her Trip Advisor Review, June 2011
Trip Advisor Costa Rica

Pure Peace - Infinity Pool at Anamaya
Are you tired of your daily routine and ready to try something new? Perhaps push past your self-imposed limits of what you thought you could or would do? Costa Rica is an adventurer’s dream come true. If excitement is what you crave, our highly experienced adventure guides will thrill you with unforgettable experiences that will empower and enrich your spirit. Anamaya offers much more than just yoga. Sign up for our Surf Camp and take surfing lessons. Try the zip line high in the rainforest canopy. Visit the giant waterfall next to our resort. Try horseback riding, or scuba diving, or take an aerial silk acrobatics class. This retreat is for you. You decide how much, or how little adventure you want.

Testimonial: “Treasure in Paradise…”

“My stay at Anamaya was the most refreshing vacation of my life… I awoke each morning for an hour of yoga on the most beautiful yoga deck with a panoramic view of the jungle and the Pacific. The rest of my days were filled with a swim in the infinity pool, zip lining, waterfall climbing, aerial silks, Zumba and surfing… the pictures do not do it justice. You cannot smell or feel the amazing vibe it has. I have booked a return trip to Anamaya in a few months. So fortunate to have stumbled upon this treasure in paradise.”

Guest Review by Tyke27, Trip Advisor, November 2011
Trip Advisor Costa Rica

Pure Health - Photo from Montezuma Falls in Costa Rica
Do you need more energy, and would you like to return from a vacation feeling better than ever? Anamaya is a Sanskrit word meaning “freedom from disease” and our yoga retreats were created to help clean your body from the toxic world that most guests call home in the developed world. You will marvel at how amazing healthy food can taste when prepared correctly, and will enjoy the tremendous feeling of well-being that comes from eating food made from truly fresh and organic ingredients. Combined with the area’s ultra pure air and water, daily yoga classes, and the fact that we use only non-toxic cleaners, personal hygiene products, and organic bedsheets, we hope to inspire you to improve the healthiness of your lifestyle even after you return home. It’s no wonder that this part of the world (the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica) is a “Blue Zone”, one of the top-seven places in the world where people live longest.

Testimonial: “Stunning…”

“I feel so healthy and well taken care of after my stay at Anamaya. I wish I never had to leave! Amazing, healthy food – great rooms, great company with other guests and lots of activity. It’s really a perfect getaway for the active and health conscious!”

Guest Review by vivalasmecca, Dec 24, 2011
Trip Advisor Costa Rica

Pure Delicious Food at Costa Rica's Yoga Retreat Center

Guilt-free pleasure! Have you wanted to eat healthier but thought it was too much trouble, or that healthy food wouldn’t taste very good? Anamaya’s genius chefs will open your eyes to a new world of tasty flavor that you won’t believe is so good for you. We do a lot of vegetarian and raw, but also have fish and organic chicken. If you have a more restricted diet such as pure vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, we’re happy to accommodate you. As much as is possible in Costa Rica, we go to great lengths (and expense) to obtain organic ingredients, and are even building our own farm to grow our produce nearby. Our chefs offer healthy cooking classes, and nearly everyone wants us to make a cookbook.

Testimonial: “Breathtaking Views – Gourmet Food! – Great Staff…”

“I have diet restrictions (gluten free) and the team of chefs completely took care of me – truly gluten free gourmet!!! When we were making plans to go to Costa Rica and found Anamaya we thought we might eat out a couple of nights in Montezuma. Well, after the first dinner at Anamaya we knew we didn’t want to eat anywhere else. Every evening we looked forward to dinner.”

– Guest Review by Vel122, Trip Advisor, Dec 26, 2011

” More than just a vacation… the views are breathtaking, the food was the delicious, healthy & fresh. Seriously the best food I’ve ever tasted in my life… you can get whatever you’re seeking from this amazing retreat….whether its complete bliss or adventure.”

– Guest Review by TiffysGirls, Trip Advisor, April 17, 2012
Trip Advisor Costa Rica

Pure Beauty at Montezuma's Yoga Teacher Training Center

When you read our reviews on Trip Advisor, what you’ll see often repeated is that our guests say that Anamaya is so much more beautiful than our website photos. Most guests who have traveled extensively say it’s the best view of any hotel they’ve visited, and certainly the best in Costa Rica.

Anamaya was created by professional designers with years experience in the fashion industry, and zero experience in building hotels. The result is something profoundly unique – a supremely rich montage of color and texture to delight all your senses in ways that you will not find in other hotels. Anamaya is a photographer’s dream, with one of the world’s most beautiful natural environments as its backdrop.

Testimonial: “Anamaya has a piece of my heart. I can’t wait to return to heaven on earth!”

“Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by one of the gracious owners and the beautiful ocean, glimmering all around us. The view from the saltwater infinity pool or the yoga deck under a full moon will forever be burned in my memory… the private lodging gave us an intimate view of the sunrise over the water each morning and an equally magnificent sunset from our porch’s hammock. I WILL be back and I highly suggest making Anamaya a must-do on your travel itinerary!”

Guest Review by Meredith79, Trip Advisor, January 2010
Trip Advisor Costa Rica

Pura Vida Retreat Center - Anamaya in Montezuma
“Pura Vida” means “Pure Life” in Spanish, and it’s a very common saying in Costa Rica, almost a national motto. Just relax and let your days flow… whether it’s lots of adventure and exercise, or hours of hammock napping and pool lounging, or taking workshops and excursions in the rainforest environment. Once you arrive, you’ll know what you need.

Testimonial: “Amazing Yoga and Surf Retreat…”

“My friends and I just returned from a week long yoga retreat at Anamaya and I have had a difficult time finding words to describe how amazing the entire trip was!!! Not only did our retreat to Anamaya allow us to escape the stresses our daily lives (if only for a few days), but the memories with the new friends we made, the staff at Anamaya and the people of Costa Rica will remain with me forever…. The food was unbelievably fresh and good, and I have missed putting coconut milk in my coffee ever since! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!”

– Guest Review by Nadia C, Trip Advisor, March 2012
Trip Advisor Costa Rica

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