Thai Massage & Yoga 20 hours Certification with Peter Kaaberbøl

Date: June 29-July 6, 2013 Thai Massage Workshops & Certification
20- hour Basic Thai Massage Certification – (open to anyone, hands on, practical program, little theory…)
**To be added on to Anamaya’s Base Rates ~OR~ see how to add more Adventure or Rejuvenation with our Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP)




Peter Kaaberbøl’s Bio


Peter is from Copenhagen, Denmark. He has studied a great variety of Massage, Yoga and Healing Techniquies. Peter has 20 years of experience and a great interest in the art of Thai Yoga. He has developed this workshop to work specifically with corrections and alignment of the body.


Thai Massage Retreat Description

These workshops will begin on Sunday, June 30th. Sunday-Thursday will be a 4 hours a day immersion and blend of theory and practical, hands-on experience. Friday is exam day.  After completion of the course, you will be able to perform a 1½ hour full body massage, as well as have some basic knowledge of working with specific ailments.
This Thai Massage package added on to Anamaya’s Base Rates gives you a full week including your workshops, of course, 3 organic meals per day, and accommodations (prices vary based on accommodations). To add a little more spice and YOGA to this Thai Massage Workshop Retreat, you can add all of this on to our Adventure ($145) or Rejuvenation ($245) packages.

What is Thai Massage?

Ancient Thai Massage is an energizing and versatile massage technique which is performed in gentle, rhythmic movements. In this course, you practice techniques such as yoga-stretches,
muscle massage, stimulation of meridians through acupressure points and manipulation of the joints. The massage is an ancient way of treatment, originating in Northern India where the yogi Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha developed the technique.
Giving this massage will strengthen you as a therapist, as all exercises are developed for both the masseur and the recipient. The exercises will strengthen your physique and; thereby, your
ability to achieve a focused body and mind. Trust and understanding will arise between the masseur and the recipient.

Elements of Ancient Thai Massage

  • Yoga-stretches  keep the body supple and are, therefore, very efficient in preventing injuries and maintaining the general balance in the body.
  • Muscle massage increases the blood supply to the muscles and helps waste products leave the body more easily.
  • Manipulation of the joints brings the body into positions that are rarely used in modern every-day life, which is crucial in order to maintain full movement ability.
  • Acupressure stimulates, strengthens and balances the meridians and has a positive influence on the blood cycle, organs and immune defense.
  • Rhythmic movement is an important element in Ancient Thai Massage. The recipient will perceive his body as a whole, and many people experience being on a dream travel in their own body during the massage.
  • The masseur himself benefits from the great variation in the movements.

Further Information

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