The Business of Yoga

Are you a yoga teacher, retreat leader or studio owner?

Do you want to grow your business in an authentic way that isn’t misaligned with your true purpose and intention for starting?
Because you don’t need an MBA or sleazy sales tactics that make you dread building your business.
You can grow your yoga or retreat business in a graceful & dynamic way that makes a HUGE impact.
If you’re reading this, you have a passion for yoga and want to make your mark, but you might not feel like you have the knack for growing your business.
And That’s Okay!

You can easily learn to do what needs to be done in order to grow, while still making the impact (and income) you set out to make!

Are you ready to be serving this world at a much larger scale?


The Business of Yoga Mastermind. 

Do you envision an impactful yoga business that brings you a generous income, but don’t know how to get there? Let us provide you with the roadmap.

The Business of Yoga Mastermind is a weekly training program taught by Entrepreneur & Success Coach…

(and one of the founders & owners of world renowned Anamaya Resort)

Kelsey Matheson

For Black Friday only – it is $25 per month** (regularly $37 per month)
That’s less than the cost of dinner out! 


And for the first 20 people, you’ll receive an additional $5 off. Making it nearly 50% off for six months! Use Coupon Code: first20

**$20 per month (for the first 50 people) or $25 dollars per month for the first 6-months. After 6-months the cost is still AMAZING at $37 per month.

What does The Business of Yoga Mastermind entail?
Taught by serial entrepreneur and the Founder of the World-Class resort Anamaya Resort and Retreat Center, Kelsey Matheson will walk you through a revised business approachthat WORKS and feels good.


Here are a few of the things to expect:

  • To meet with the group WEEKLY at the same time via Zoom Conference Call (exact time TBD)
  • Trainings and Q&A’s that will help support you in growing your business from where it is today…to where you want it to be.
  • An exclusive community of like-minded yoga business owners like yourself who are there to support you, offer advice, network and even collaborate with!
  • A private Facebook group for Mastermind Members to ask questions, get feedback and use as a priceless resource.
  • Access to recordings of the trainings if you’re unable to make it to the live calls.
  • Interviews and special Q&A’s with other experts in the Yoga, Health & Wellness space.
  • To think BIGGER and outside the box. You can’t help but stretch beyond your comfort zone when you’re surrounded by like-minded and enthusiastic people doing amazing things!
  • To GROW YOUR BUSINESS! And have fun while doing it, because that’s the way it should be.
Ready to grow your business and impact? Learn more here: The Business of Yoga Mastermind.