Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica


Have you ever thought about visiting Costa Rica? You may have seen stunning photos, heard amazing stories or even checked out a few blogs…

But what are the Top 10 Reasons to Visit Costa Rica?

Disclaimer: There are way more than 10 that we can mention, but here are a few of our favorites. 😉

1. It’s the world’s happiest country.

Did you know Costa Rica was voted the world’s HAPPIEST country? Some say it is because of our “Pura Vida” way of life, others say it is because we have no army, but we’re partial to the beautiful views and slower pace of life.

2. They have a wildly high life expectancy

At age 60, Costa Rican men have an average life expectancy of 22 years, slightly higher than that in western Europe or the United States, even though Costa Rica is a developing country where health care spending per person is only a fraction of that in the United States.

Experts believe that Costa Ricans’ longevity is also due to diet. Traditional dishes rely on the “Mesoamerican Trifecta,” a healthy combination of tortillas (corn & flour), beans and squash. Fresh produce, from leafy greens and legumes to colorful fruits, are widely available year-round and are very inexpensive, making them a staple in all Costa Rican homes. Furthermore, the local water supply tests high in minerals that promote bone strength, and the sunny weather provides with plenty of vitamin D.

Further research unearthed a “Blue Zone” – an area where people live longer (90-100 years old), and enjoy better health than in other regions – on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula (yep! that’s where Anamaya is located). In addition to the typical Costa Rican diet, Nicoyans lead very active lifestyles. Agriculture and cattle farming are a way of life here, and most residents are physically active on a daily basis, helping keep their bodies in tip-top shape.*

3. It’s becoming carbon neutral by 2021

(AND plastic free!)

With rich with lush rainforests, stunning coastlines, and towering volcanoes, is cognizant of its incredible biodiversity and has fought to keep it pristine.

In 1994, the Costa Rican constitution was amended so that a healthy environment was a guaranteed right for all citizens. Through the use of its rivers, wind, and solar the country currently gets 99% of its energy from renewable sources. Right now the nation’s record stands at 300 consecutive days using 100% clean energy—and they’re only hoping to grow that record.**

4. We have happy catchphrases

“Pura Vida,” also known as “Pure Life.”

This Costa Rican phrase tells you pretty much everything you need to know about the Tico approach to life. It has many meanings, but they are all friendly: “great” or “fantastic,” “hello,” “nice to meet you,” “thank you,” or “you’re welcome.”

A: “How’s it going?”
B: “Pura vida!”

A: “Let me wax your surfboard for you.”
B: “Pura vida!

5. There are tons of outdoor activities


HOW CUTE ARE THEY?! Not only are they cute, Costa Rica is FULL of cute, interesting animals that you won’t see at home.

7. It’s extremely biodiverse

Costa Rica hosts five per cent of the world’s biodiversity, even though it makes up just 0.03 percent of the planet. Around a quarter of the country is part of a protected forest or reserve. They’re also taking steps towards preserving this biodiversity with #3.

8. It has some of the world’s best beaches

9. The People

The people in Costa Rica are the most welcoming you’ll ever meet. Not only are they happy and relaxed, but they live in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

10. Yoga Retreats 

Costa Rica boasts some of the best yoga retreats in the WORLD. Including… Anamaya Retreats. We host life-changing and inspiring Yoga Retreats, Surf Retreats, and Yoga Teacher Trainings, in one of the world’s most beautiful and charming beach towns – Montezuma, Costa Rica. Anamaya means “good health” in Sanskrit and we incorporate that into everything we do. This is a place for personal & spiritual growth, to destress, and to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. We offer organic gourmet meals, yoga packages to suit your individual needs, a variety of luxurious spa services, and specialized workshops. Anamaya is nestled into the Jungle, overlooking breathtaking and epic ocean views. As our guest you will connect with nature, connect with other like-minded people from around the world, and most importantly – connect with yourself. Join us here

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