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Travel is a wonderful activity that people around the world love to do. There are far more than 100 countries, and most people never see a small fraction of them. If you’re blessed to be able to afford to travel, then you will surely have great experiences and open your mind and heart to new cultures. People who travel usually return as much better people, with new appreciation and understanding about other people.

We have collected a few favorite sites that you may enjoy. There are just so many places to travel, so it’s a difficult decision to pick one, or even several. We hope you enjoy your travels, no matter where your road leads.

El Salvador Hotel
Travel website with great information and advice for visiting El Salvador. Includes accommodations, tour operators, and more travel help of all kinds.

El Salvador Surf Resorts
El Salvador’s Surf Resort at Mizata Beach (Playa Mizata), which has one of the best surfing spots in the country.

Move Surfing
Surf Tourism company/portal with all types of travel help for surfers.

Panama Portal
Tourism and Travel guide to everything in Panama

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