The truth about green season in Costa Rica

It’s green, it’s lush, the sun is hot and the breeze is cool. The roar of the waves lures not only the surfers but anyone within earshot of the ocean. The vibrant flowers, the abundant wildlife, the crisp blue sky and warm welcoming ocean; this is green season in Costa Rica – a place where the term paradise is applicable all year long.

Cabuya beach

From May to October popular beach towns, like Montezuma and Santa Teresa, slowly return to their quiet beginnings as they begin to relax after the hustle of the December to April high season – the most popular time for tourists to visit. This quiet period after high season, referred to as “green season,” is a time of restoration and renewal. The slower pace gives the local businesses a chance to catch their breath and it isn’t uncommon to catch business owners enjoying a cup of coffee with clients. The energy in town somehow manages to achieve an even more laid back vibe than Costa Ricans are already famous for, making this the best place to travel to for anyone looking for a relaxed and reinvigorating vacation.

Resting wildlifeUnfortunately many tourists hesitate to visit during this time because of a perception of green season that can include daily downpours, flooding, grey days and soggy nights, when in fact it is one of the best times to visit this country. Not only are the popular tourist destinations less crowded but many resorts, hotels, restaurants and local business offer special green season rates, making it easy on any traveler coming with a budget.

And the rain? Days are often sunny, with clouds starting to appear around sunset and the rain arriving in the evening or, more often, overnight. These nocturnal rainfalls create a nice cool breeze, which is a welcome break from the tropical heat of the daytime – a heat that persists all year long. By morning, the sun is peaking through, the dust is settled and the jungle is alive and vibrant from its overnight shower.

Of course, since Costa Rica is a tropical country, rain is a possibility at any time of day. In green season, there are afternoons where the rain may fall for a couple hours but it can be a blessing in disguise as it gives travellers a guilt-free opportunity to take a break from outdoor adventures and settle into a good book, that much-needed yoga practice or even just a nap. By evening, the rain has cleared and in its place is a magnificent display of colour from sunsets that truly rival those in the high season.

Sunset Santa Teresa 2

Sunset Santa Teresa 1

The rainier months are typically September and October but even so the days still boast a healthy amount of sunshine. For the traveler looking to do a more yoga and meditation focused trip to Costa Rica this is a great time to go as the mild days and thriving jungle life are a great backdrop for days spent cultivating personal growth and finding inner peace.

Come experience that is the magic of Costa Rica in its most lush time of year. Recharge, relax and renew as the country around you does the same.