A Vacation From Vaction- Day 7

Of course we needed a break after 5 straight days of gentle shock to the system. Think about how many important elements of our lives have been changed for the better. Crazy clean eating, no drinking alcohol, no “sharing energy” short for no one’s getting laid for 30 days, lots of meditation, 2 hours minimum of yoga practice a day, new people from all walks of life, complete structure, less time for social media and calls and most of all being in COSTA RICA. What a list of amazingness! No matter how good it is and how much more is to come we all needed a moment to “breathe” our own breath without instruction. Now its time for us to get back into the Yoga Teacher Training Groove. It’s a wonderful groove but boy oh boy is it challenging after a day off.

Though all of the faces were beautiful there were few bright by the time we dragged ourselves to the afternoon session. Banyan read the room well. It could have been the fact that almost every yogi was lying on the floor with a block or blanket holding their head up as they  tried to stay focused on the lesson.  Hahahha. He humored us all by having us clear the room of books and mats. We played a few awesome games and laughed our little faces off. That helped time fall off of clock. Before we knew it we were eating dinner and soon to be fast asleep.




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