Viniyoga Practice

Viniyoga PracticeViniyoga is a style of yoga that is all about adaptation. Viniyoga is created on the guru and student model, where an experienced teacher works individually with each of their students and helps to create a personalized yoga program which will be based on their health, age, and physical condition. It will also take into account any past or current injuries that they are suffering from. Yoga teacher training will create the best personal practice for you.

Attending a group yoga class gives you the type of instruction with yoga that one size fits all. A teacher may inquire if there are any injuries in class but no further connection is made about your physical condition. There could be more than one student in a class with back pain but for different reasons, a viniyoga teacher would make further inquiries to each student and make modifications for each student based on their injury. Viniyoga is designed to be adaptable to each person regardless of their physical ability. Viniyoga teachers must have extensive yoga teacher training and should be experts on anatomy and yoga therapy.

Origins of Viniyoga

Viniyoga is the creation of the guru Krishnamacharya who has been the master of other leading yoga guru’s. Viniyoga develops a personal practice using asana, pranayama, meditation, ritual and prayer to help protect and maintain our health and bring the ability to us to be productive in the world and find our quest for self-realization.

Viniyoga is a very practical and intelligent practice in yoga which will encourage you to develop the self-care concept. Yoga teacher training focuses on adapting to each individual’s practice assistance in:

  •  Postural alignment
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Focus
  • Breath development
  • Connecting with the innate wisdom

What is Viniyoga?

Viniyoga is described as the actions and practices which help complement a person’s constitution, capacity and personal desires on all levels such as physical, mental, and psycho spiritual which brings you to a lasting fulfillment. This style is taught by yoga teachers to help you gain perspective and awareness of your inner self.

With the practice of Viniyoga and asanas and the traditional form as a beginning point, the postures can all be adapted to make a more fulfilling pose, optimal use of alignment, breathing and movement. The goal of this style of yoga is to create strength and increase flexibility.

You need to learn your body and what it tells you. Every yoga teacher’s goal is to understand your body. Your body has muscles, joints, bones, and they tend to work the same in everyone’s body. However, Viniyoga is the connection that is made that your body is unique to you and how you practice yoga can change your body by how you adapt your practice. Yoga teacher training will give the yoga teacher the tools to make this possible and share with you how to deepen your experience and results.

The function of your breathing through practice with Viniyoga is part of the principles of the style. As you inhale and fill your chest cavity with air your spine becomes slightly less rounded. As you exhale you concentrate on your abdominal muscles and your spine becomes less pronounced and you low black curve will flatten. Both of these breathing exercises can ease spinal compression and provides stretching and lengthening of the spine. This takes away pressure on the spine and increases comfort, range of motion and flexibility.

Goals of life

Viniyoga practice opens us up to other ideas and dimensions beyond the physical or asana practice. Since we are more than just physical beings, Viniyoga applies to other methods that help create balance and harmony in our lives. Yoga teacher training discusses things such as singing, chanting, rituals or praying to bring an inner peace and spiritual well-being to our lives. We should enjoy nature, our family and have artistic appreciation of things to promote a wholeness and wellness.

Viniyoga is to recognize ways of our experiences that promote a balance. Discover a precious way to align yourself on your life’s path and look to join this practice as a student or begin yoga teacher training and be the one to teach others how to bring this joy into their lives.

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