Viniyoga Retreats

Viniyoga RetreatsAre you finding yourself sitting here in February where winter still has a hand on you and wishing that you were somewhere warm relaxing and finding another source of energy? Then think about getting yourself together and pack for a next yoga retreat.

Viniyoga is referred to as the yoga of the heart. The style id designed around developing different practices for each person based on their condition and ability. The main idea behind Viniyoga is the careful integration with the flow of your breath through your movements of the spine, with sequencing, making necessary adaptations and levels of intensity dependent on the overall goal. Yoga teachers are able to give you the tools that you need in order to personalize your practice. 

While away at the yoga retreat you will be working alongside a yoga teacher who guides a practice using pranayama, meditation, reflections, and all the other elements of a strong yoga practice. This type of yoga practice is best intended for those who seek to achieve more inner stillness and would like to make changes in their lifestyle.

Get Away

All yoga retreats are meant to be suitable for anyone with little yoga practice or the expert. Some yoga retreats are offered as a family setting where child care and children’s activities are planned while the adults have private sessions of yoga instruction. There are also retreats for adults only where one does not need to have any distractions.

A Typical Day at a Yoga Retreat

Most Viniyoga retreats offer a healthy breakfast each morning. You can enjoy fruit, muesli, porridge or fresh homemade breads. Most of the food is organic from their private gardens or the local providers. Tea is in abundance, mostly herbal teas that have been collected from the area, black or green teas too or coffee that is available any time of day.

The first session usually begins around 10 am with a traditional yoga class. This allows for you to have enjoyed your breakfast and not walk into class with a full stomach. After class you will have some down time for private meditation or to go enjoy some hot tea.

Lunch is served in the private gardens under the canopy. Lunch is always started with fresh salads from the garden and delicious homegrown sprouts which provide a lot of healthy energy.

Late afternoon or early evening we regroup and attend our second yoga class of the day. During your free time you are allowed time to explore your destination surroundings or relax in your hammock outside in the warm breeze.

At 7 pm we meet for dinner also having organic meals prepared. After dinner we will make time to meditation or we sit together as a group and share and enjoy the beautiful evening making new connections. The choice is up to you!


There are different types of accommodations at a yoga retreat mostly determined by what destination you have chosen. In the warmer climates you may have a rustic wooden cabin or spacious and luxury bell-tents made from canvas with a floor under you.

Bedding and sheets are provided for you so that you have less to pack for your yoga retreat. Depending on your location there could be a private bath or you may share with your lodging mates. There are hot showers, a communal kitchen to prepare food, and internet access for your use.

Food Choices

Food is the key to nourishing our body and our mind and it will provide energy to get through each day. Eating healthy is so important to having good health and is a key factor in healthy human development. Food is one of the most important pieces of the yoga retreat. Usually while away at a yoga retreat you will find that the food served is vegetarian wholefood, which is fresh and from organic gardens.

Each yoga retreat offers three meals a day

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner

(Catering is also available for any special diets)

There is natural and pure spring water for you to drink if you chose even though there is a water source is connected to the main water supply of the village. Natural herb teas, green tea, black tea or coffee is also available. Through this experience you will be introduced to healthy whole meal cooking and given new ideas to inspire your cooking at home from Mediterranean to Asian cuisine.

If you are looking for a yoga retreat and fantastic experience to free your mind, feed your soul then take a yoga vacation and come home with a new attitude and connection to your mind and body.

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