Viniyoga Teacher Training

Viniyoga Teacher TrainingLooking to begin a personal journey with yoga teacher training and a program that covers the main ideas of yoga practice and philosophy then you should be looking at Viniyoga. This style of yoga includes personal practice class structure, asana, pranayama, meditation, anatomy and physiology of yoga, yoga sutras and historical information, practice and teaching methodology.

Benefits of Program

Once you have finished this program you will be qualified to teach yoga privately. Whether your choice is to teach in group settings, schools, senior residences, health clubs or yoga centers your options are open. This certificate allows you to become knowledgeable of yoga and you can identify and specialize in your area of interest as a yoga teacher.

The benefits of yoga teacher training are not just limited to teaching. Many of the students that complete training do not teach but they use it to deepen their own yoga practice significantly. The workshops connected with the yoga teacher training programs build your skills from the previous workshop so that you have all the necessary tools.

Long term yoga training also gives you the chance to connect and build a community of your own peers and friends who also share the love of yoga. This provides people to stay in close contact with for future support in years to come.

Yoga teacher training is the first step of many in a life long journey. Yoga is such a huge concept that your first training session is like giving you the key to a new world.

Is Viniyoga the right training program?

Yoga teacher training is for the person that wants to deepen their own yoga practice and for anyone that would like to teach using the Viniyoga methodology. If you are interested in any of the following then it is the right journey for you to take:

  • Deepen your personal yoga practice and learn to design your own practice
  • Exploring broader aspects of yoga including lifestyle, philosophy, pranayama and meditation
  • Ability to coach friends, coworkers or others interested in yoga practice
  • Health care workers that are interested in integrating yoga into your practice
  • Teach group classes to others
  • Experienced teachers that want to learn the Viniyoga style and want to further yoga knowledge

What are the objectives of the training?

When you have completed your yoga teaching program you will have:

  • Clear understanding and appreciation of the art of yoga principles and core Ayurvedic principles
  • A comprehensive knowledge of asanas, pranayama’s and meditation
  • New skills and expertise in the practice of asanas, pranayama’s and meditation
  • Ability to teach yoga in a safe, effective and confident manner
  • Ability to plan and design your own yoga programs to meet all needs
  • Tools to create positive changes in your own life and others
  • Connect to a new community of people who are on the same journey of personal growth and transformation

How do I become certified?

For those that wish to participate in the yoga teacher training program you must complete all requirements for the course and successfully demonstrate your comprehension of the principles and practice of yoga and your ability to communicate that to others.

The training program has three different certification options:

  1. 200hr certification provides that the teacher has demonstrated the deep understanding of key element s of yoga theory and philosophy, including the art of adapting postures, breath work and meditation to fits the individual needs of students
  2. 500hr certification builds on that foundation of the 200hr program and students explore the concepts in a deeper regard.
  3. 700hr certification (Yoga Therapist) is a teacher with a deeper knowledge and experience with working with different situations and students. This is the program for those looking to create personalized attention to specific and immediate concerns.  These can range from concentrating on health problems to dealing with stress and finding a balance.

Structure of Training

The Viniyoga tradition has very high standards and expectations for those going through the yoga teacher training program. This style of yoga views the traditional asana to be an important piece but not the total of the practice.

Viniyoga practice starts with the main idea that a teacher needs to know much more than a sequence of postures to help their students. The yoga teachers need to understand how to make and adapt sequences that will suit the student and help them develop their practice according to their age and ability.

This approach means that the teacher needs comprehension with:

  • Yoga philosophy and methodology
  • Basic principles of postures, breath, and meditation
  • Adapting practice into a safe session
  • Bring balance and harmony to students own practice

There is nothing quick about looking to begin a journey in Viniyoga teacher training. Training is extensive, you must be committed 100 percent, and be ready for personal practice, home study and reading. The making of a strong teacher is the process of hard work and time.

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