Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training

Vinyasa Flow Teacher TrainingYoga teachers are always looking for a way to dive deeper into themselves and to become better, more compassionate, teachers. Some of us are looking for more. Maybe a piece of us is nagging at the core wanting to take our love of yoga to another level. If you think you have the stuff that it takes to go through yoga teacher training and share your love of yoga then this may be the journey you are looking for.

Vinyasa Flow yoga is a style that is active and invigorating. Your school of thought puts particular emphasis on the coordination or your breathing and movement and it has been connected to the eight limbs of yoga. This style of yoga teaching is a commitment to creating student specific workouts that will challenge everyone the same.

Yoga practice can be strenuous, relaxing or at times both. Vinyasa Flow yoga is a meditation and exercise practice and there are many different sequences that feed your mind and body in equal ways. It is a strong fitness oriented approach of yoga that takes the best exercise in a traditional form.

Vinyasa Flow yoga which is also known as power yoga or Ashtanga yoga is a demanding and vibrant style of practice, while it still maintains the traditional connecting of breath and movement. To become a license Vinyasa flow yoga teacher, you will need to join a training program. There are all kinds of yoga teacher training programs all over the world so you need to do your research and make sure that you find one that is reputable.

Goals for Training

While many people do yoga teacher training programs because they love yoga and want to become licensed instructors, many take these courses just to deepen their own practice and to get a better understanding of the vinyasa flow style. Figure out what your personal goals are for going into a yoga teacher training program. Do you want to teach yoga? If so, then look for a program where you like the yoga teaching style of who is going to teach you. If you just want to deepen your own practice you may choose a more one-on-one type of class or a smaller group so that you can receive more individual instruction.

Curriculum of Training

Through your yoga teacher training program you will be given course work. If you have a specific interest in a group or age population then look for a program geared in that direction. You should also look at your own yoga learning style. Some curriculum is taught over a long period of time while others are packed into intensive training dates. It does not matter which program you choose, because you will still learn a variety of poses and how you can properly instruct them. Vinyasa flow yoga is a pretty intensive style of yoga, so make sure that you are healthy so that you can perform it yourself before you even decide to begin a yoga teacher training program.

Schools for Training

When choosing which school to go to for your training program you want to look at the more reputable school that are registered with the Yoga Alliance. These schools meet the standards for the 200 and 500 hour level programs for yoga teacher training. You can even ask the schools about their certification and their teacher assessment process. You can find a school nearby and attend classes on weekend or in the evenings. If you find that a residential program is a better match then you can look for a school that may provide student housing.

Considerations to remember

Before you begin your yoga teacher training program you need to speak to current student and maybe some recent graduates of the program to get a feel for the school and teachers. If you want to have a mentor you should check about the classroom format and see whether or not this is an option to you. This is a huge step and lifestyle change for you so never make a quick decision. Do your homework to ensure that you find that right match for your future.

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