Vinyasa Flow Yoga Retreats

Vinyasa Flow Yoga RetreatsIt is nearly spring and we need to stop and rejuvenate ourselves. Is it time to go to a yoga retreat? Do you enjoy the practice of vinyasa flow yoga style? Then let’s just do it.

While you are away at your vinyasa flow yoga retreat you will have experience participating in vinyasa flow classes. During the morning and evening you will be blessed with flowing yoga sequences while listening to world music, movement meditation and safe adjustments will be made. Through your practice you will learn to trust and provide clear communication while working with others to build a strong connection with your body and breath. If you have the ability to connect with your body through yoga teaching, you can balance your nervous system, restore your health and stamina and leave feeling new and alive.

Accommodations & Food

Depending on your destination location your accommodations will vary but will always be simple, clean and have a safe and sharing environment. Each room has its own design and theme and there will be a clean bathroom available for your use. Most yoga retreats are created in a space where just the views will be enough to take you to another place. Whether you are gazing at the mountains, over the ocean, or looking at a waterfall, there will always be a beautiful atmosphere and star gazing at night. Private rooms are available at a higher cost.

The food served to you while away on your yoga retreat will be homemade, vegetarian and created there on site. The meals will be tailored around the location you are visiting and will include fresh fruit, muesli and yogurt and you will have the opportunity to help yourself to hot teas and coffees at your leisure. If you have any dietary restrictions or allergies please notify the location in advance.

Retreat Yoga Flow Schedule

For the weekend yoga retreat you need to arrive during the afternoon on Friday and you do not depart until Monday evening. A sample schedule of your yoga retreat is listed below:


730-930am- Yoga movement and Meditation

1030-1130am- Brunch

1130-6pm-FREE TIME

6-730pm- Yoga movement and Meditation

8pm- Dinner


730-930am- Yoga movement and Meditation

1030-1130am- Brunch

2-7pm- Partner Yoga and Massage Instruction

8pm- Dinner


730-930am- Yoga movement and Meditation

1030-1130am- Brunch

Prepare for your travel home


For the week long yoga retreat you may have a schedule that is more geared toward this:

Monday – Friday


Morning yoga session

Guided Pranayama, asana practice

Discussion on practicalities, depths and refinements of yoga practice

Vegan Brunch

Free Time


Yoga Session and Meditation

Vegan Dinner

Typically there are two yoga classes a day at your yoga retreat to build on your skills and deepen your understanding and practice. The morning sessions tend to begin with some breathing exercises that will build into a stronger Vinyasa Flow practice. The afternoon sessions tend to explore the restorative yoga, your pranayama, and prepare you with the tools for developing your own meditation practice and build on your knowledge of elements of yoga philosophy. There will be a team of yoga teachers typically but you may notice that all your morning sessions are taught by the same instructor and all your meditation practices are taught by another. The key to building a stronger yoga practice is to be able to learn the technique and then make it your own personal style that works for you.

Get Away and Relax

All the yoga retreat classes prove a vinyasa flow dynamic yoga practice that will help you balance the energy and nourish all the elements of traditional hatha yoga. All the asanas that are used through practice are able to be modified and personal instruction is given to anyone that needs extra guidance. Come join the yoga retreat and leave feeling like a new person!

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