Vinyasa Krama Yoga Benefits

Vinyasa Krama Yoga BenefitsVinyasa Krama yoga is a style that was developed by the great yogi Sri t. Krishnamacharya and his son TKV Desikachar. This style is one of the more popular with yoga teacher training programs because while it moves with flowing motion it is also a mind calming practice. Sir T. Krishnamacharya has taught many yogis that have been responsible for the spread of hatha yoga throughout the west.

The term Vinyasa means to place in a special way and is used to describe the flowing movement through an intelligent sequence in the right direction. You will achieve this by working with your asana, locks and breathing exercises along with Mantra. Krama is the term that describes the steps within the sequence that you use. Yoga teachers will walk you through the sequences so that you understand how to make your body flow into the next pose.


Using Vinyasa Krama correctly will allow each student the ability to learn and develop a safe and methodical practice while moving at their own pace and within their personal ability and level. Vinyasa Krama yoga has 10 sequences that are made up of individual steps or Krama, and each step is a pose or asana. The breath is then used to help move within and to link you to each asana as it flows you into the next. This type of breathing creates a flowing and seamless sequence.

The approach to Vinyasa Krama Yoga

The approach you must take in a strong practice of Vinyasa Krama yoga is breath centered. When you can place your primary focus on your breath; strength, flexibility and clarity of thought is achieved.

Breath- you are working to develop

  • Ujjayi breath or victorious breath
  • Locational and directional breathing
  • Adequate length of breath
  • Holds you take after exhale and or inhale
  • Your awareness of the subtle qualities of the breath

Asana- working with

  • Dynamic and static postures
  • Intelligent sequencing
  • Posture and counter posture
  • Breath ratios in posture
  • Sound within posture

By having a long-term practice you are moving toward having a comfortable and balanced seated posture so that your pranayama or regulated breathing exercises and dhyana you meditation can be practiced with stability. Yoga teacher training will give you the necessary skills to walk away with this understanding.

The Benefits and Power of Vinyasa Krama Yoga

Vinyasa Krama is a linking of intelligent sequencing of postures that make a strong and complete practice. It also reflects an important part of the yoga tradition which is a practice that should fit the needs of each person. The benefits of the sequencing and yoga teacher training will explore the specific and broad range effects of the different asanas and pranayama’s taught. You will explore the physical mental and subtle benefits of this practice. Your yoga teacher training will be the tool to help inform and empower you with the necessary knowledge to increase the effects and benefits of yoga practice.

Yoga Practice will help you develop a steadiness, improve your health and induce the lightness of your limbs. There are many yoga teacher books and videos out there to learn from. They will also inform you of the positive effects of a meditative yoga practice from being able to develop concentration in school children to being able to reduce the stress and moods of busy adults. They will provide the journey to changing your lives and improving it.

Benefits of Vinyasa Krama Yoga

  • Develop Self-Awareness
  • Improve your strength, flexibility, posture and physical lightness
  • Improve your immune system
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Rid yourself of back pain and other muscular and ligament issues
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • Regulate your attention span and develop stronger concentration
  • Regulate your emotions, improve your mood and create positive thought
  • Connect with yourself and others on a more meaningful level

Yoga teacher training will show you that vinyasa Krama yoga practice is the art and science of being able to fulfill your need and connecting you to the pathway to inner and out prosperity.

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