Vinyasa Krama Yoga Poses

Vinyasa Krama Yoga PosesWhat are the vinyasa Krama yoga poses? What does Vinyasa Krama really mean? This term refers to the technique of connecting your yoga poses in a series. The connected movement and postures will then connect to your breath. Those that practice this method say that in vinyasa yoga the breath and movements are related and go together as one. Yoga teacher training will teach you how to combine these to find the most suitable practice.

What is the meaning of Vinyasa Krama?

Vinyasa is the Sanskrit word which refers to a certain type of yoga style. The word vinyasa actually has many meanings. Nyasa means “to place”, the prefix Vi means “in a particular way” so together they mean asanas that are placed in a particular order into a sequence. The word Krama mean the “order or sequence” of doing or placing.

Vinyasa Krama is also reviewed as a noun and referred to as the sequences of poses that are performed while moving through a complete asana. For instance, the pose downward facing dog is part of the sun salutation sequence. It is called as half vinyasa. Yoga teachers know which poses are combined in the sequences to create a flow of movements that work well together. Yoga teacher training will give the poses and which ones can be used and which ones do not work well.

What happens in Vinyasa Krama Yoga?

During this style of yoga you learn how to control your breath while moving and you also learn how the breath starts another movement. Vinyasa will create a rhythm of breathing through your practice. As your yoga teachers have you doing upward movements, you will breathe in and while compressing your belly you will breathe out.

Vinyasa is one of the more popular methods of yoga practiced in the west. Vinyasa yoga takes a sequence of poses or asanas and can make a change in the sequence depending on the personal mood and need of the person practicing. Yoga teaching has the ability to mix it up according the ability, age and any conditions to remember.

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing style of yoga and your breathing and movements are all done in a moving motion like a dance. With that in mind any yoga style that emphasizes the flowing movements can be described as a vinyasa style of yoga.

Sun Salutation

One of the most well-known sequences in yoga is the sun salutation. It is very easy to practice this sequence without having to think about what you are doing. There are different versions to this pose but one of the ones that are popular is where you use a very regular and consistent length to your inhale and exhale breath. Sometimes yoga students need to focus more on the breath in the sequence than straining to get through the full pose. Your breath can reveal resistance and tell you that a modified position would have been more beneficial to you allowing your breath to be maintained. Some yoga teachers learn through yoga teacher training that using a metronome with practice it helps to make your breathing unified. Through a steady and unified breath, your mental state will change.

Groups and designing sequences

To help you learn how to design a more effective vinyasa Krama you may be asked to work in groups to create shorter ones which you will then teach to all the others participating. This can be more challenging than you can imagine. Yoga teacher training will help you with the skill building for this. Begin with using only two or three poses in your sequence when just beginning. Make sure to put emphasis on the transition between your postures. Make sure that your sequence has all the pieces: physical focus such as twists or forward bends, or is your focus restoration, and relaxing.


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