Weight Loss With Yoga

Weight loss with yogaTime to jump-start your body and get physically fit. Yoga teacher training focuses not only on flexibility and strength but burning calories and weight loss. Some people refer to Ashtanga yoga as a calming fitness exercise, but when it is performed correctly it can be a great way to achieve your weight loss goals. For those of you seeking the best outcome I would suggest including these three poses: warrior one, down dog and child’s pose into your yoga routine.

Ashtanga Yoga Is…

During yoga teacher training the eight limbs or elements will be addressed which explains the spiritual practice that brings together the body, mind and spirit. The physical elements refer to the breath and senses, and body purification and posture. The spiritual and mental elements combine intention, contemplation, meditation and ethical thinking.

How can Ashtanga Yoga help me with Weight Loss?

A yoga teacher will focus on all the poses during instruction but it is important to know why certain poses are going to help you reach your weight goals. During yoga teacher training an instructor will help you acquire more strength and flexibility while combining the breathing and mind focus, but when done correctly it is very effective in increasing your muscle mass. Research has made it quite clear that the muscle mass we have the higher our metabolic rate is which burns more calories. Any of the Ashtanga Yoga poses that help you increase your muscle mass will also help you reach your weight loss goals.

Poses for Weight Loss

During yoga teacher training some key poses to remember for weight loss are High Plank, Warrior One, and Child’s Pose.

High Plank Pose is a great pose that helps you build muscle mass in your upper body. During your yoga teaching it is important to know how to find optimal benefits from this pose. Start this pose with being on your mat with all fours. While leaving your hands on the mat lift your knees up so that only your hands and feet are connecting with the floor. Slowly, step your feet backwards so that your body is in a straight diagonal line, going from your feet to your hands. Next, rotate your body weight so your shoulders are directly above your hands. For best results try to hold this pose for at least 30 seconds.

Another pose that yoga teacher training will focus on is the Warrior One Pose. This pose is also another Ashtanga Pose that will help you build muscle mass. This pose however targets the lower body muscles. To begin this pose, start with getting into a down dog pose and while taking a few deep and slow breaths, slowly move your right foot toward your hand. This motion should bring you into a lunge position. Slowly lift your hands into the air and then raise your upper body off the mat. Bring your arms over your head and stretch out your torso toward the sky.  Remember to keep your right foot forward and toes facing straight in front of you, while your right knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. For best results hold this pose for 30 seconds.

During yoga certification any instructor learns that each session must end with poses that start to relax and are not quite as demanding. Ending a tough session with Child’s Pose is a smart way to end a strong Ashtanga Yoga routine. This pose not only helps your mind relax but also helps your muscles cool down after they have been put through a challenging session. To complete the Child Pose go down on all fours on your mat. Slowly push your weight back into your heels while you lower your body onto your mat. Keep both arms extended out in front of you and breath. Hold this pose for as long as needed.

Yoga – Cardio Workout?

When people leave an advanced Ashtanga Yoga class they normally are covered in sweat because this style of yoga is very strenuous. This type of yoga will have your body moving in poses non-stop for at least 90 minutes. Your body is moving through vigorous poses that will be challenging you strength, flexibility, balance and stamina.

Yoga teacher training will teach you how to reach your weight loss goal through a cardio workout using yoga. Start with a beginner’s yoga class and work up to the more advanced levels. Attendance is required to build your body up to those levels and to see dramatic changes in your body. You do not need to go on a yoga vacation to get this outcome because you can find it in a local gym.

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