What is a Yoga Guru?

Yoga GuruWhen going through yoga teacher training you will be discussing a lot of information on the tradition of yoga and those that teach it such as a guru. A guru is not a state of consciousness but a job. There are many kinds of gurus from musicians and story tellers to those that never speak a word.

Their Goal as Gurus

The common factor among these gurus is the authority to do their job which is helping the ego-mind-personality merges with the divinity within. Our soul is immortal and there was never a time when it did not exist, nor will there be a time it will not be. Our ego-mind-personality is not immortal and it ceases to exist at our time of death.

Our ego-mind-personality can become immortal if that is what we choose but this decision involves commitment, a clear decision, discipline and Grace. Once we have made the decision to go down this path a succession of yoga teacher begin to appear and guide you.

A True Guru

There are many out there that claim to be true gurus but many are not sincere in their efforts. A true guru is truly not self-appointed but selected and trained for the job by other gurus. There are very few true gurus in the world. A true guru has spiritual authority and can consciously take on anyone’s karma. They do not often practice this unless it serves the greater dharma. Often the karma can be shed without harming the guru but they know both the reason and outcome for taking another person’s karma.

Spiritual Gifts

Yoga teacher training has taught us that a true guru has spiritual gifts to share and they will sometimes give them lavishly to their students or even complete strangers. A true guru can judge the appropriateness of a gift and will know it is will be applied. A clear idea is apparent to the guru of how the gift will be used. There are times a new color which signifies a new gift is added to the aura. If a new color is given and with it a body of knowledge and sometimes new things become clear for no reason. Old relationships can end making room for new ones to start. There may new goals and ways of reaching them coming into thoughts and this is all due to a gift in a new color. This allows the ego-mind-personality to slowly merge with the soul.

Life Direction and Path

During yoga teachings we talk about how a guru can change the direction in which you have chosen. A word or glance can guide you down a new path. We begin to reevaluate and access a new plan and that brings changes to our lives. Each little change can completely altar the decision making process. A true guru is compassionate and usually has experienced all that we have not.

Knowing the Limits

The limits of how a guru can help or how they may speed things along are always known. They know that all things are temporary and in view for a short time and for a purpose. They are aware that truth or God is vast and that no one has an exclusive connection. They will help and guide you in gratitude for what they were given and for what they are empowered to do for others through service.

A true guru is aware of forces and being that operate in our reality. These forces may become clear and come to the aid of a guru but not always. They can keep below the spiritual radar but they are here and a guru will know where they stand in all situations.

Means and End

Yoga teacher training explains that a true guru has been embraced by love and will realize with everything they do that love is both the method and destination. It is means and end. There is no way to achieve a true state of love without loving and the mind cannot be aware to God without loving.

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