What is Svaroopa Yoga?

what is Svaroopa Yoga“Svaroopa” Yoga was created by Swami Nirmala Nanda Saraswati (formerly known as Rama Berch) and focuses on guiding each student to slowly and cautiously unfold every pose from within, with no force behind the pose. This style of yoga emphasizes transformation, healing, and the development of consciousness in each student. Yoga teacher training will guide you through the routine practice of this style to finding your inner bliss. It follows the traditional poses of Hatha Yoga but with a slower guided approach.


“Svaroopa” Yoga tends to be popular with beginner yoga students because it has a more gentle and restorative approach with the sequence of yoga asanas. “Svaroopa” Yoga puts more emphasis on being able to open the spine, from the bottom of your tailbone all the way up to the head. The sequence of poses that are routinely practiced has been laid out to reduce any muscular tension and bring instead a peaceful state of calm awareness.

Meaning behind it

“Svaroopa” refers to a Sanskrit word which means “the bliss of your own being.” “Svaroopa”yoga teaching practices poses which are designed to be able to release the tension surrounding the muscles which are wrapped around your spine, thus helping to improve your body and mind. Each pose helps integrate the founding principles of anatomy, asana, and yoga philosophy. A yoga teacher will help you emphasize the development of a transcendent inner awareness experience. “Svaroopa” Yoga will bring a conscious-oriented yoga which helps promote transformation and healing.

Why try it?

If you already love yoga and you are looking for a style to help heal an injury or maybe just bring some calm into your life try “Svaroopa” Yoga. Yoga teacher training in this style specializes in practicing core opening and decompression of your spine from top to bottom. This style of yoga will help release that deep seated layer of tension resting in your spine and body. This allows for an inner opening to be created bringing you healing and a sense of personal transformation and gives you the experience to find your own inner divine essence.

How to practice Svaroopa Yoga

“Svaroopa”yoga teacher training goes over ways to safely practice this style of yoga. Teachers that have gone through extensive yoga certification will help guide you into the poses using soft blankets for your props, show you the precise angels, and give you a hands on adjustment so that your body can open gently while deeply moving into each pose. This is a non-athletic style of yoga that is supported and helps you with the process of your yoga practicing. It will guide you into experiencing a true therapeutic approach of asanas called “Core Opening.”


With a strong routine practice of “Svaroopa” Yoga you will see much more than just a physical benefit. Yoga teacher training shows us that with routine practice of this style you are practicing a core opening which helps you dissolve all your physical and mental blocks of discomfort, pain, and mental patterns. “Svaroopa” Yoga is a style that any beginner or person with physical limitations can practice and everyone that puts the time into it will walk away with a powerful and authentic experience. This is an amazing style of yoga for anyone that that is engaged in other physical training or has a lot of stress.

“Svaroopa”Yoga teacher training focuses on the way to work away the deepest tension that you have in your body, which tend to be the muscles that wrap very tightly around your spine. Other yoga styles focus on stretching and areas such as joints, like legs, hips, shoulders and look at yoga as another form of physical fitness. With Svaroopa Yoga we avoid over stretching our ligament and still become flexible. If you overstretch your ligaments you are only causing them to become hyper-flexed and your spinal muscles will tighten in response to help stabilize those joints. This style finds ways to practice those poses but in a deeply supported way with effective angles which helps release that tension in the spine. Support will equal release, the bigger the support the deeper the release.

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