Health Benefits of Yoga – What it means to be “healthy”

A lot has been said and written about the greatness of yoga and its impact on our health.  Researches and tests were performed, backed up with real life testimonies to prove that with proper and regular practice of yoga can be beneficial to our health. We can easily get inspired just by hearing about experiences for other people who have immensely benefited from the practice. You probably know that yoga can help you with your backaches, weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure etc. But what if you don’t see or feel anything that you should address or treat and that you are already we “healthy” and just want to say that way.  You might start to wonder if you’ll still benefit from yoga? First, you must ask yourself what is “health” all about. What does it mean to be healthy? There are two significant meanings to the word “health” according to Wikipedia . One meaning is “a state of being free for illness or injury” and the other “ a person’s mental or physical condition”  Sometimes when we say that we are healthy it can also be  understood that we are simply talking about our present condition. This is because illness and injury can come at any given time.  It is not a permanent condition. At some point in our lives we have or will experience illness and sickness.   When we are recovering from an illness or trying to preventing it, this means that we are trying to be in this state of being free from illness or injury. Either case, yoga can help you. When you are recovering from  sickness, exercise is normally not an option.  Exercise is commonly associated with energy excursion thus leaving you tired and wasted.  When you are ill, you feel weak and your energy is limited. During these times, yoga is the most excellent exercise for you. Yoga poses are very therapeutic and restorative. Mild poses can be done even just lying down with the proper breathing can do wonders for your recovery. Great amount of stress which is usually the culprit for these illnesses can be relieved.  Instead of reaping off your limited energy, yoga will help you increase your energy level. This will give you more chances to recovery.  It works the same way when you are trying to prevent sickness. Yoga builds up your energy and as a result boosts your immunity.  So the answer is yes, you can benefit from yoga and remain in “this state of being free for illness and injury.” Yoga does this by helping you recovery from and prevent illness and injury.

Now, let us discuss the other meaning. Health can also mean “a person’s mental or physical condition.”  For a person to be considered healthy,  one should be in good health mentally and physically.  Your health is based on your mental state as well. You may be physically healthy but your mental health is suffering.  Then you don’t fall under the “healthy” category. This is a very important point that most people miss out. Mental conditions can include anxiety, depression, anger etc.  Most people think that these are conditions that they just have to live with.  At worse, they think that only a pill will help.  Taking medication most of the time are just band aid solutions. When the effect of the pill fades away, you are back to square one.  Even the simple insomnia problem caused by anxiety can lead you to addiction to these medications if you don’t seek for a more natural long lasting alternative.  Read Try Yoga not a Pill .  Unlike any other forms of exercise, yoga has a direct effect on your mental state. This is from the practice of being aware of your breath and through meditation. It is important to know that whatever state your mind is at, it has an effect on your physical state also. It can also be the other way around. That is why yoga has two major components. The asanas will address your physical needs while pranayama with meditation will take care of your mental wellbeing. Read Yoga is good for Anxiety and Depression

So when it comes to your health, may it be for prevention or recovery, mental or physical, yoga will surpass most forms of exercise. Yoga understands what it really means to be healthy.


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