White Lotus Yoga

White Lotus YogaHave you ever seen a beautiful white lotus in full bloom? It is a beautiful flower. There is something more special about the flower than just its beauty which is the message it sends us. When you look at a white lotus most people see the beauty, but what is missed is the dirty water in which it grows. Even though the beautiful flower finds its home in the dirty water, it still rises above, pure and undamaged to spread the wonderful fragrance of its beauty. This is just like how you may feel when completely exhausted and run over by the world in which we live in. A yoga retreat may just be the answer.

The white lotus teaches us that we can find the beauty of the world through the chaos that we live in. We can also use yoga teaching to our benefit and make the world a better and more beautiful place to be. While it is not always easy to accomplish this task there could be a solution and that is through the practice of white lotus yoga teaching.


The lotus is an ancient symbol used in yoga. What better symbol could represent beauty? White lotus yoga is the form of yoga teaching which emphasizes the overall well being of the practitioner. It is a style that was created from the form of Ashtanga Practice. This yoga was created by Ganga White and has become more popular over the years.

Poses and Style

The poses are practiced with a combination of breathing exercises and meditation which helps bring the deep change in the practitioners mind, body and spirit. This is a good yoga teaching style for those that wish to build strength and stamina. White lotus yoga teaching is also a yoga style that will provide you with a highly relaxing and rejuvenating practice.

Finding yourself

As you continue with a regular practice routine in White Lotus yoga you will begin to learn your true self and be able to identify it. The white lotus flower reveals layer after layer of itself while it is blooming and your routine practice through this yoga style of white lotus will help signify that you are blooming as an individual. Those that have a routine practice in this style of yoga teaching believe that the most important purpose of the yoga style is to be able to bring a deeper change in themselves and also a spiritual awakening that is free of romantic disruption and to be able to prepare themselves to meet the challenges of today.

Flowing Power of White Lotus Yoga

White Lotus yoga is a created version of the major styles and traditions of ancient yoga the yoga teachings of Ganga White. White lotus yoga combines pieces of Iyengar Yoga and the wisdom of classical yoga, with the flowing sequences and special breathing techniques of both Ashtanga yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. The approach to White Lotus yoga focuses on cycling your own practice and alternating different styles of yoga by mixing your own yoga practice needs in an open minded way.

We know that there are many styles of yoga teaching available to us. The key point in discovering which one suits your needs is most important. Many of the forms of yoga teaching have taken the key points from the ancient studies and made them into a new more modern approach. Some focus on breathing and meditation while others stress the end result of a physical workout.

The best way to find the yoga style that is a best fit to you is to think about what your end result is? Do you want to relax and feel better, let the stresses of today go? Then maybe a more soothing and meditative yoga practice is the answer to you. If you are frustrated and the best way for you to release those built up feelings is to move quickly and through a more physical yoga then go for it.

White lotus is a yoga style that is smooth flowing, gentle and will allow you to connect to your spiritual self and inner awareness and then lets you walk away lighter. This yoga teaching is a mental recharge for those that need it.

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