Yin Yoga Benefits

­­Yin Yoga BenefitsAs we get older we start to notice that our joints are not as healthy as they used to be. We begin having stiffness, popping sounds, cracking soreness and more pain in our joints especially as the day ends. Even people that have a regular exercise routine begin to notice changes because they may not take a lot of time making sure their joints are healthy. Yin Yoga is a slow and calm way to practice yoga and the focus of this style are the joints, ligaments and connecting tissues in your body. It is a natural way to rejuvenate your joints and make you feel better. Yoga teacher training brings a focus on this style for those that need to make sure their joints do not break down before their bodies.

Yin yoga focuses on the cooler and slower aspects of practice. Yin yoga teacher training explains why it tends to separate itself from the muscular practice and falls into a firmer, less flexible area of your body. The deeper, internal yoga practice of Yin Yoga is often connected to the Moon and is a lunar practice.

Yin Yoga Poses

The purpose of yin yoga poses are to help you in different areas of your body. Yoga teaching will use these areas to help you gain some health benefits.

  1. Joint Health- yin yoga poses will increase the blood flow to your joint tissues and this will provide more room in the joint bring more flexibility into the tissues
  2. Meditative- Yin yoga practice holds the poses for longer and quieter periods which allows time to create a calm and peaceful meditative state
  3. Perseverance- Yin yoga teaches the practitioner that holding a pose in longer periods of time through an uncomfortable pose will allow them to become used to accepting whatever comes their way at any given time

Yin Yoga, unlike the styles of Bikram or Power, pays more attention to meditation and breathing exercise. Through your deep meditation practice you will develop a stronger sense or understanding of your body. Yin yoga is a perfect way for someone needing to unwind at the end of a long stressful day. Your poses are help for up to twenty minutes at a time allowing you to move all the chaos and stress out of your thoughts and body and bring in a quality of relaxation. This is a perfect way yoga teaching has given us to release the built up tension in our joints and be more flexible.

Benefits of Yin Yoga Practice

Yin Yoga benefits fall directly into the connective tissues of our joints rather than building our muscles. While exercising your muscles exert around forty percent of resistance against your body’s flexibility. Your connective tissues exert over fifty percent resistance. This tells us that most of the stress is in the joint area and not the muscle itself. This means we must do exact work to ensure that we keep our joints and connective tissues as healthy as possible so that they can allow for the impact our body faces through exercise. Yin yoga asanas will help this situation by lengthening the connective tissues in the joint area which will allow for an increase in motion. By lubricating the tissues they have more flexibility and stretch increasing their ability and avoiding injuries.

Yoga teacher training will guide you through these poses so that you do not have negative outcomes from a strenuous practice. Regular practice of yin yoga will help you gain more movement in your body.

Helps Joint Pain

If you suffer from arthritis, osteoporosis, spondylitis, or arteriosclerosis you may be able to control your pain or even find decreasing results with a regular yin yoga practice. Go find someone with yoga certification in this style and get healthy results. If you have a severe case in any of those ailments the joint can possibly become completely frozen which paralyzes you. Yin yoga may be a form to not only reduce your pain but bring some movement back to your joint.

Yoga teacher training explains that with regular yoga styles you do not hold the pose long enough for the energy to reach the connective tissues. By holding these poses longer you allow for that energy to flow to the connective tissues which allows it to become more elastic and lengthen and make mobility easier. Practicing yin yoga means that you have to be patient. That is another benefit you will gain from regular practice. Yin yoga not only teaches you to slow down and be patient, but it helps you to learn how to control your mind and find calmness.

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