Yin Yoga Retreats

Yin Yoga RetreatsIt is time to pause, reclaim your power, identity and rediscover WHO you are at a yoga retreat! For women, we need to learn to reclaim our feminine strength and we must trust our intuition as we calm our minds and heal our bodies. Men, you need to embrace who you are and get in touch with your feminine side which will improve your relationships with others as you learn to relax and let go of all your stress. Yin Yoga is the way to go and is the best vehicle to guide you to give yourself permission to feel it, so you can heal it.

Yin Yoga allows you to open and stimulate your body and the energy it stores and will also increase your flexibility while you calm your mind with this style of yoga. With Yin Yoga we learn with our yoga teaching that we must hold our poses for longer periods of time which encourages our body’s deep connective tissues to absorb energy which restores the joints and mobility. Holding your poses can help you liberate chronic pain in your body and bring you a sense of freedom and peace. Going even deeper into your poses brings your inner awareness calm and centered meditation practice.

Get rid of stress

Taking the time out of a busy schedule to go to a yoga retreat is already the first positive step in the right direction. Give yourself the benefits of immersing yourself completely in Yin Yoga which takes away the stress of you over-worked and over-scheduled life. You will be completely satisfied at the experience when you leave the demands of life at home and give yourself a consistent, daily practice of yin yoga teaching and you can breathe your way into a healthy body and new peace of mind.


Yin Yoga exercises are designed to bring balance and energy to our body, to bring cool and calm stillness that we all need so badly. Yin yoga is a style for everyone. It is a one size fits all approach to yoga practice and it gives you the time to heal yourself and when you feel better you let that loose on the world around you.

Going to a Yin Yoga retreat is a chance for you to put away the worries and demands of your life at home. By leaving it all behind for a few days or a week, or even longer if you are lucky- the noise and clutter of life gets put on a shelf and you can listen to your inner self, your awareness and surrender. When we are taken away from our daily stress or and responsibilities we learn to stop the habits and patterns that we have developed with a new sense of awareness and hopefully are able to find a new routine keeping us still grounded and healed and moving through life with more clarity.

Get Away

Imagine being handed a gift of peace and good health. Would you take it? I hope so. That is what going away to a yoga retreat can offer you. You will be surrounded by others that are education and have gone through extensive yoga certification to ensure that you leave feeling better than when you arrived. You will be with other people that have left behind a similar crazy life schedule and are also looking for peace and healing. Go, grow and share experiences with these people and make a new connection.

What an adventure it could be to sit still, slow down time and find your breath again. Each of us has the pulse of perfect rhythm that has maybe been knocked off track. Let us get it back in shape. That pulse echo’s our own heartbeat, the rain beating down on the roof, the wind whistling through the trees, the ripples over the water, the sunshine breaking through the clouds.

Discover the magic and community you can join and share with as you venture out to a yoga retreat and witness for yourself how lasting friendships can be made from this amazing and unique experience.

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