Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Yin Yoga Teacher TrainingOur busy world is slowly reviewing different styles of yoga and what type of yoga fits their needs the best. Yin yoga is something that more people are exploring every day. Yin yoga is a more relaxed style of yoga that practices floor postures for up to five minutes at a time. A yin style of practice puts focus on the connective tissues of your joints such as your hips, pelvis, thighs, and lower spine. This practice prepares your body and mind for a longer meditation practice. It will help you guide your awareness away from your muscles and move deeper into the bones until a deep level of relaxed focus is accomplished. Yoga teacher training is taking off because sometimes people are looking for something that is not as quick for relaxing and stretching when they live in a fast paced world.

Yoga teacher training will bring you the ability to teach student to find their own way with Yin yoga. It will help them find their own natural alignment with their yoga postures. This style of yoga teaching is for the student that is ready to take that jump into a broader perspective and a bigger appreciation of the practice of Yin Yoga.

Yoga teacher training for Yin Yoga can be done over a two weekend period in some places. Yin yoga is a simple practice of yoga.

Step 1-Foundations of Yin Yoga

You will begin with posture that you slowly settle into for up to five minutes and slowly relax the muscles to give yourself the ability to move the energy into the deeper tissues that are wrapped around your joint areas. Slowly stretch into a comfortable position so that you move safely and therapeutically in to the stretch to stimulate and strengthen the area of connective tissues. Your yoga teacher will guide you through the first couple practices.

We must listen to our bodies and follow the alignment rules which are quite simple, and also functional. Slowly lead yourself into the shape that has a natural contour of your spine, hips and pelvis. Even though this is a simple movement it can be quite challenging in the beginning. Learning the practice of being still and quiet for longer periods of time can be challenging enough, let alone you are moving your body into a powerful stretch that reaches into the deep tissues of your joints. Remember to listen to what your body is telling you as you move through the stretch into the pose. Do you have correct alignment? Now calm your mind and give in to the pose.

During this first phase of yoga teacher training you will analyze, practice and observe the entire element of Yin Yoga. You will be able to examine yourself on a personal level using ancient techniques that allow you into a new awareness of the changes in your body. You will study real bone and joints on a skeleton. There will be a lot of interactive, hands on study with tests. This will allow a new yoga teacher the ability and understanding of why every posture must be modified to fit the body of each student.

Step 2-Understanding Alignment, Function and Organic

During this second phase of yoga teacher training for your Yin Yoga certification, you will learn more about the study of the skeletal variations and the individual modifications that can be made. This is the foundation of Yin Yoga which is reinforced throughout the training because most injuries that appear through the practice of yoga is due to the misunderstanding of what your anatomical differences are in our bones. You will learn more about the functional alignment and dive into muscles, fascia and the energy channels in your body in order to focus on target areas in each posture. Yoga teacher training through the second phase will provide you with the skills to create sequencing Yin yoga postures for a class and a flowing practice session.

Cost, Registration & Requirements

The cost for yoga teacher training depends on where you go and the time frame. You can go away to an exotic local or stay local and go through training on weekends. Either way it will cost you at least 600.00 per person for training and you should find your training destination and register. In order to begin your yoga teacher training you must have at least one year of yoga practice experience.

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