Yoga – An Individualized Practice

Yoga – An Individualize practice.

The practice of yoga is very straightforward and uncomplicated. It applies to everyone and anyone regardless of age, sex, nationality etc.  It is not even limited to people with disorders. It is safe to say that it can be practiced by everyone. A person can start yoga at a very young age and can still carry out the practice in his/her old age. Different styles and approaches have been designed to fit every  person’s need or condition. When you are first introduced to yoga, it is expected that you try the different styles till you find what suits you best.  Yin yoga, Bikram Yoga  and Power Yoga these are the different styles of yoga that are being practiced. Read more of the different styles here .The styles and approaches may be different but one thing must remain. That is yoga should be part of your life as YOUR own practice.  Your own personal practice must stay with you although out your life. It becomes more than a physical exercise routine.  When you are just starting to learn yoga, it is necessary to attend group classes. You will need inspiration and guidance from other practitioners. There will always be changes. People will come and go. Your teachers and co-practitioners will change. Your own needs will change. It is impossible to stick to just one particular routine and never change.  Rather, you must come to the point where you have the discipline and knowledge to carry out your own practice. Yoga will accompany you through your life. Go through with your practice with the transitions of life. Yoga is a journey. This is not a fad. It will not go away. It has been practiced for thousands of years. During those times, yogis had their own individualized practices. This is the secret of this time tested practice. The result is simply long lasting.

In the beginning it will not be easy having your own personal practice. There will always be room for excuses. But there are immense benefits of having a personal practice. You set your own goals. These goals can be short term or long term goals dictated by you. This approach is similar to what we can learn in Integrative yoga therapy.  Self discipline is one of the most valuable gifts of yoga. You will benefit from the practical applications like having your emotions under control anytime not only when you are in the studio. Self control is gained.

Adapting this personalized yoga lifestyle requires awareness. You must become aware of changes and improvements in your own practice. A teacher will not be there to analyze this for you. Who knows your body and your life better than you do. Self awareness is developed. There are some practical aspects to consider when you start  your personal practice. You must consider your lifestyle. You may need to change and adjust your lifestyle and daily activities to suit your practice. An example would be to wake up earlier to catch the serenity of a morning practice. Leave the office on time for a relaxing  routine to end the day. The work or occupation you are in will also affect in creating your practice. A stay home mom’s practice will be different from a career woman’s routine. A mother’s practice may have to be done when the kids are asleep. As for the career woman’s practice, it might have to be scheduled around her work.  Your own practice can evolve from your past, present and future conditions.  If you are pregnant obviously you cannot have the same practice as when you were still focused on getting hard core abdominal muscles. This will be unsafe for the baby.  You learn how to become responsible for your actions. You must stick to a regular practice but learn to adjust when needed. Yoga has so much to offer.  Through this individualize practice you learn to be responsible for your own needs and to achieve that you develop disciple and awareness.  Yoga is should be by you and for you.





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