Yoga & Surfing Truly are Soul Mates


Surfing and yoga may seem to be diametrically opposed to one another. Surfing is seen as intense, thrilling, and adventurous, and yoga as tranquil, controlled, and meditative. The fact is that they complement each other very well.

Surfing is a very popular sport but with any sport certain areas of the body will be more engaged then others. An additional form of exercise, like yoga, that focuses on flexibility and strength is recommended for surfers to balance their bodies. The benefits that yoga offers surfers are quite substantial. Yoga will help to prevent injury, increase body awareness, improve concentration, and allow more agility. They are a perfect combination that offers freedom for the mind, body and spirit.

Learning to surf for the first time can also be quite frustrating at times. Yoga can help build your patience levels. Through practicing yoga during our Soul Surfer Yoga Retreat you will learn the art of breathing properly and reap the benefits of meditation. Both will help minimize tension, improve focus, and maximize oxygen intake, which will boost your energy. Falling off the board or missing a wave is a big part of leaning how to surf, but if you can stay calm and focused then you’ll enjoy yourself regardless – and that’s what surfing is all about, having fun!

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