Healing the Shadow with Yoga and Training

Shadow Yoga and TrainingThrough yoga teacher training we learn that yoga is an education system that teaches us how to control the complex energy inside our human form. By learning how to connect and focus with our bodies we learn how to combine all our energies and our body is then at its healthiest place. We are not just practicing a fancy exercise routine in dressed in certain clothing. Yoga itself is a spiritual connection to practical living. It is nurtured by teachers who have found the wisdom and love what it offers so they can teach others how to enjoy its benefits.

Yoga teacher training talks about the different styles of yoga: modern and traditional.

How to Master It

To master yoga a yoga teacher needs to have accomplished a combination of things. From learning how to gain control over body function through the practice of asanas (Body positions), finding your inner light through the practice of pranayama (breath control), and being able to find complete awareness and be able to listen to what our body is telling us.

When you have gone through yoga teacher training and you are able to say with absolute resolve that you have mastered them then you are ready.  Knowing these three key elements to yoga will help guide you to guide your students. If the three areas are practiced correctly the outcome of practice is harmony and they will find a true state of wisdom which we call Yoga.

Yoga teaching is important and the wisdom to know that you are only there to help prepare your student so that they can lead themselves into their own inner awareness and help them illuminate their own path to harmony. There is no set path nor is there a path that can ever be taken more than once because each time you practice you have a personal and unique experience to what is going on in your life and around you at that moment. The unspoken truth is that each journey you take during your yoga practice is unique and unexpected.

Yoga teacher training will guide you to heal the shadows within you. This type of practice will change your life and help you find compassion, tolerance and self-acceptance as you work your way through to enlightenment.

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