Yoga at Work

Yoga at WorkWe all have busy schedules and jobs that require us to be on task and constantly ready in order to succeed. It does not matter where you may work or what you do but putting in a full day at work can lead to stress, fatigue and body aches. If you want to try to stay ahead of falling into that dilemma there are a few yoga poses that we learn through yoga teacher training that you can practice while at work to help revitalize your mind and body.

You may not know when during your busy schedule you could have the time to fit yoga into your busy day but some of these poses are so simple and adaptable that you can do them in your office or at your cubicle. With yoga teaching there is always a way to make it through your busy schedule but making a point to add wellness into it too.

Head to Chair

This pose is so easy to do you have no excuse not to practice and make the time for it. Begin this pose by sitting in a comfortable position on the floor in front of a chair. Gently place your forehead onto the seat of the chair. If you need to modify this to be more comfortable you can place a blanket of some yoga blocks on the chair for extra height and rest your forehead on them instead of directly onto the seat of the chair. Slowly round your back and bring your arms up to the seat of the chair while bringing your hands to rest at the end of the seat next to the back of the chair. Inhale and exhale in slow control breathing and relax deeply into the position until you feel ready to continue your day. This is a simple yoga teaching technique that can be very beneficial if you have a stressful job and just need a few minutes to regroup and bring some calming exercises into your day.

Seated Twist

Seated Twist pose begins by sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and your arms in a relaxed position at your sides with your hands on the floor. You can also do this pose sitting in a chair with your feet hip distance apart and your arms on the armrests. Slowly twist your torso to the left while using the floor or the armrests for more twisting leverage.  If you are in a chair with no armrests you can use the back of the chair using both hands. Hold the twist for up to 30 seconds and then repeat it with the other side. Yoga teacher training will explain that this helps get your blood circulating and will give you a boost from sitting at a desk for long periods.

Tree Pose

Begin Tree pose by standing near a wall with your right side facing the wall and both of your feet together. Bend your right knee and use your hand to help pull your right ankle up so that the bottom of your right foot is on your inner left thigh. Make sure not to over extend your body and if you are feeling a strain by bringing your foot up to your inner thigh stop where it is comfortable. Just bring it up to a comfortable position and hold it there for up to 30 seconds. While you are in that position bring your hands palm to palm like a prayer in front of your chest or raise them up over your head. If you need extra balance you can allow your right knee to touch the wall. Bring your right foot down and repeat with your left knee resting against the wall.

Mountain Pose

Begin by sitting upright and clasp both of your hands together and extend your arms in front of your body. Lift your arms up toward the ceiling with your palms facing up. Allow your body to stretch high to the sky and focus on lengthening your side muscles. Yoga teaching uses this pose to stretch out from sitting too long hunched over a desk and computer.

Half Downward Dog

This pose starts with finding a flat and hard surface where you can rest your body weight. A wall will work just fine at work. Begin by standing about 3 feet away from your surface while keeping your feet right below your hips. Press both of your hands with the palm side down about shoulder distance apart into the wall while keeping them at mid-torso height. Slowly bend forward using your hips to form a parallel line with your torso and the floor while you look down at the floor. Slowly, walk your palms up the wall while keeping your arms flat and extended so that you feel a stretch in your back and hamstrings.

These poses are a great way to take 15 minutes out of your day when you begin to feel sluggish. Yoga teacher training provides quick ways to add yoga into your day to avoid the strains of a busy work schedule.

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