Yoga Can Help You Quit Smoking

It always amazes me how some people can go and spend 60 to 90 minutes doing healthy exercises and before they even reach their car in the parking lot you see them pulling out a pack of cigarettes and lighting one up. Do they not realize that all that healthy exercise and breathing just got thrown out the window the minute they lit up that smoke? If I know one thing it is that smoking is bad for your body and even bad to those around you. We learn all kinds of facts in yoga teacher training about being healthy so where did the piece of information about smoking is hazardous to your body slip through?

Smoking is harmful to your health and it has many bad health effects. Smoking is one of the most abused substances around the world but since it is legal to smoke it makes it an even bigger addiction to our population.

For most people smoking is a very difficult habit to break. Yoga can help you quit smoking because it makes you connect with your body and become aware of everything that is happening to you which will help you listen to your body and be more aware of what is good and what is bad for it. Yoga teaching will quickly become your guide to listening to your body.

Through a regular yoga practice you will become the master of your choices. The benefits that yoga teaching will bring you for quitting smoking will be through its meditative practices.

You will state to feel a difference automatically after you begin yoga and then slowly your body will repulse the habit of smoking. Yoga involves different techniques that slowly will detoxify your body and help you quit smoking. The daily yoga practice of asanas and breathing techniques with meditation will help protect you from severe withdrawal symptoms that most people have when they try to quit smoking. Yoga will help you strengthen your lungs, increase and improve your air capacity and restore the health of your lungs and body that you have damaged from this habit.

Get control back

Yoga will give you the control of your body and mind so that you can breathe easier and feel relaxed. These yoga asanas will help you quit smoking:

The Easy Pose-This asana has this name because it is the easiest of all the asanas. Normally you use this pose during meditation and it will help you slow down your metabolism, straightens your spine, opens your hips, and will help keep your mind stead and calm.

Alternate Nostril Breathing-This asana will help the brain to function at its strongest and will also calm the nervous system and your mind.

The Corpse Pose-This asana looks like a simple pose but it really needs a lot of concentration that you can achieve with a daily practice. With you practice this asana and it is done right it will help you to relieve stress and fatigue, rid yourself of nervousness, constipation, treat asthma, indigestion, diabetes and sleep problems.

The Half Spinal Twist-Most of us use a normal stretch to bend our spines back and forth to make our body more flexible but we should be twisting as well. This asana will help to tone the ligaments and spinal nerves in your body and it will also help bring a boost to your digestion.

Strong Practice Makes a Strong Body

Yoga teaching brings so many different health benefits to your body. Through yoga teacher training we learn what the different poses or asanas are, the breathing techniques that help, and how to achieve a strong meditation practice to calm our nerves and find balance. If you are fighting the bad habit of smoking or know of someone that is look to yoga for a healthy answer. You will be making your body stronger and more relaxed instead of causing it harm.

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