Daily Mixed Level Yoga Classes


Anamaya Resort Yoga Classes

Anamaya offers a range of various types of yoga classes on all days but Saturday, usually at 8 am for $15/person. Our classes are open to hotel guests and the general public, unless we have a private retreat. The classes are included with most retreat packages. Please call before dropping in for a class.

Our daily classes are considered level 1-2, but open to all levels of experience in yoga. We will explore a dynamic practice welcoming students from beginner to advanced.

Detailed verbal cues, hands-on adjustments, and demonstrations of poses with detailed explanations will be given for all levels of students. Handstands, backbends and more challenging poses may be taught.

The yoga style in our inhouse retreat classes is hatha based and usually includes some vinyasa flow. In the afternoons we often offer restorative yoga.

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Check out our yoga space… it’s truly remarkable: Yoga Deck Photo Gallery

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