Yoga for Teachers

Yoga for TeachersYoga is a great method of exercise and relaxation for anyone but it may be a great mental escape for teachers. Yoga teacher training is seeing a significant rise in participation by teachers. It is a great form of release for your body, mind and over all well-being.

Being a teacher in a classroom and putting all your effort into teaching your students can eventually bring a sense of feeling run down and weary. This is not due to physical exhaustion as much as a constant state of being mentally prepared. The energy that is given out does not seem to ever come back even with enough sleep and rest. Teachers tend to remain exhausted which brings frustration and irritability into the picture as a consequence. Yoga teacher training will teach instructors how to give advice and show examples of what yoga can provide as a recharge option.

Solution for teachers?

Yoga teaching can be the solution for some teachers. If you give yourself the time to learn new ways of bringing balance and relaxation into your world then maybe you will finally feel the calmness that you so deserve. Feeling better will reflect in having a class with a happier teacher and students.

Teachers know that in a classroom you will have students that have a hard time being still and staying on task.  The student being told to constantly sit down or pay attention becomes tensed resulting in the teacher also becoming tense. Through the practice of yoga a teacher can become more relaxed. It will also help the teacher to understand children. Children use movement as a means to stay busy. They get distracted and bored easily. Keeping students still and not active can result in them getting sluggish because they are not circulating oxygen through the brain. Teaching students how to do breathing exercises can help. Short sessions can be practiced in class to break up teaching rather than at the beginning of the day. This gives students the chance to stay still longer and be more receptive giving the teacher a stress free day. Another great reason for the teacher to use yoga is in case a child comes into class after playing outside or running in PE, their breathing may be uneven and they could miss a lot of instruction until they are calmed down and ready to learn. This could result in them missing an entire lesson and being behind.


Teachers also get tired from all the energy they consume from speaking in the classroom all day. Giving instruction through lectures can make or break a good day in the classroom. Teachers need to have a will pitched voice. They also can lose a lot of energy from talking for long periods of time causing them to have a very dry mouth. This can cause becoming more tiered and sometimes even depressed. Yoga teacher training says that by practicing yoga on a normal schedule and practicing chanting “OM” aloud at least 24 times a day it will help develop your voice naturally.

It is so important for teachers to do some changes towards the better in their life to bring a positive change in the classroom. This should bring a great difference to those in your classroom. Yoga teacher training knows that by incorporating just some simple yoga techniques into your day you can help yourself and your students de-stress and become more relaxed, centered and focused which will help increase performance, enrich your classroom management and build a position learning environment.

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