Yoga Helps You Stand Taller

Yoga Helps You Stand TallerDo you sit at a computer all day long and by the end of the day your face is closer to the monitor and your back is hunched and hurting? How many of us spend each day sitting and trying to remember to sit tall and keep our posture in a healthy position? We need to stop and think about our posture and how we can improve it. Find someone that is aware of fixing the problem and studied yoga teacher training and they will set you on a path to improving your posture and you may stand a little taller.

Studies show that yoga does help improve poor posture. Yoga can create many health benefits for your mind and body, as well as your overall sense of wellness. Yoga teaching can provide details that will support how yoga can help our posture and make us stand up straight. Our posture is an important piece of our health and is often ignored. Your posture relates directly with the alignment of your spine. Your spine, being the road to your nervous system, needs to stay healthy and strong. When your spine is strong the rest of you is strong and your well-being is at its best.

Improve that Posture!

Yoga teacher training can show you the way to a healthy spine and strong posture.  If we stand tall and strong we also feel better so we better get started.  Having good posture is also related to feeling more confident, happier, and maybe even having more energy. By strengthening your back you are also making it more flexible and that can help avoid injury and prevent chronic pain. A yoga teacher will help you stand tall and live longer. People that start to form a hunched back as they age are more prone to injury and balance issues.

Yoga Exercises

Making a point to have the healthiest body possible will only help your future. Find a teacher with yoga certification and take some classes on the best poses for posture. Yoga will increase your flexibility and strength while providing stress relief and relaxation. When you are more centered and have more body awareness you will notice that your posture changes and gets stronger.


You do not have to go away on a yoga vacation to learn how to take better care of yourself. You can find anyone that has completed yoga teacher training and take some classes.  Yoga can also be taught with a book or DVD but if you are a beginner sometimes it is best to take a few classes so if you have questions they can be answered. Sometimes it is easier if you can have an instructor help you reach the right form for a pose. Yoga will help target the muscles and joints in your body that are commonly affected from bad posture, including your spine, shoulders, neck and abdomen.

Mountain Pose-this pose looks very simple and when done correctly you will be able to identify when your body is in a perfect alignment. This pose is to help you find the neutral position on both sides of your midline.

Cat-Cow Stretch-are a series of stretches which are helpful in finding the neutral position for your spine. By stretching the spine in extension and flexion while going through a neutral position each stretch, you find you can feel the position easier.

Bridge Pose-this pose is done while on your back and is a mild backbend. It allows for the chest and shoulders to open. This area is a common spot and often constricted for people that have posture issues. By practicing this pose it also strengthens the back and gives your spine support.

Go learn yoga or find some yoga teacher training courses to join. Incorporating yoga into your life will help improve your posture and help you feel better. Gentle yoga poses and stretches will help you stand a little taller.

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