Yoga Retreat with Abbé Ciulla

DATE:  Dec 1 – 8, 2018 

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We are also now offering a Scuba Certification and Yoga package to our guests and a Couples Retreat package.

OPTIONAL WORKSHOPS:  We’re very excited to offer our guests this week a special 3-part workshop series called “Mind, Body, Soul”. You can attend one, two or all three workshops! For more information and cost please see below.

Guest Yoga Teacher Abbé Ciulla

Abbé Ciulla is the yogi behind and co-founder of The Adventure Awaits yoga immersion programs and retreats. She has been practicing holistic healing, bodybuilding and integrative nutrition for over a decade and has been nominated Best Yoga Teacher by Mercury Magazine.

With gratitude, Abbe leads a heart centered practice on and off the mat. Her days are filled sharing her signature “Vitality” yoga classes, as well as teacher trainings and biomechanics workshops. Her devoted students travel to practice with her on spiritually immersive yoga retreats all over the globe.

When Abbe isn’t teaching, trekking or balancing on her hands, she spends her days working at family owned garden center where she is surrounded by nature and motivated by growth and transformation. Drawing on her love for the natural world, her devotion of the practice and her wanderess soul she now travels that passion across the world to teach amongst nature’s wild canvas.

Abbé received her formal training from Patti Doyle of Innerlight and Thames Street Yoga. She has since expanded her study with NASM, IIN, and has spent countless hours with great gurus such as Shiva Rea, Alison West, Tom Meyers and many more.
Certified E-RYT, CPT, CSN

Teaching Philosophy

As a dedicated student and teacher of the flow and a devoted wanderer, Abbé offers to you an empowering yoga experience.

Abbe’s classes are her own deeply researched, biomechanic blend of Vinyasa, Budokon (think hatha infused martial arts) and restorative. Sprinkle on a little plyometrics and pranayama and you have a revitalizing yinyasa-esque experience. Ideal for the curious student, Abbe’s informative teaching style will enlighten you of the whys and hows of the practice and encourage you to dive deeper by cultivating a comprehensive understanding of the human body and spirit.

Abbe classes are specifically designed to take you deeper into your practice, to peel away the layers of doubt and self-limiting behavior. Her classes inspire strength, growth and presence, all the while fostering a joyful environment where students can playfully discover their evolutionary edge.  With Abbe you will explore the universal concepts of alignment and effort in the body- the big ideas of how to move better, practice confidently and live consciously.

Expect to flow, move, dance, laugh and most importantly, dive deeply into yourself.  Abbe’s life is built around growth, and that is what she will inspire in you.

Classes are suitable for all levels of practice.


Abbe’s classes are amazing! She is funny, professional, incredibly knowledgeable, super inspirational and very talented. She looks for and listens to input from her students before every class. Her classes are always challenging and never the same from day to day. I love her technical knowledge and the way she explains what is going on in your body in various poses. I would recommend Abbe’s class hands down to anyone looking to expand their practice.” – Cat

Abbe is charismatic and has a wonderful zest for life, which shines through her yoga practice and teaching. I have been to many different yoga classes over the years, and Abbe’s classes are by far the one’s I look forward to the most. Her kind heart, patience, mental and physical strength and awareness, and knowledge of yoga and fitness will lead her to an abundant future and following in this community as she encourages and inspires so effortlessly.” – Jocelyn

I am an older practitioner of yoga. I love Abbe’s classes. She’s funny, encouraging , knowledgeable and passionate about helping her students self actualize their potentials. She gives her students the space to learn, practice and grow stronger all the while honoring our bodies. I find myself breathing, laughing, moving and luxuriating in her classes.” – Amy

Workshop Series

Mind, Body, Soul

Yoga means union, aiming to connect the intricate facets of our human condition harmoniously – from the physical and sensory, the emotional and mental, and the spiritual and highest Self-realization.

This workshop series is designed to do just that; To align our three major dimensions: Mind, Body & Soul. Find equanimity in these three pillars. Witness how honoring all equally can lead to transformation and conscious living. Each individual workshop is $40, or $100 for all three.

Part One: The Soul

Break Up, Break Through: A Workshop on Breaking Boundaries

Building a yoga practice balanced in strength and flexibility means we must dig deep & search for any missing pieces. Most often we don’t need to look far as we are not lost, maybe just wandering a little off track. Break up with bad habit, break through boundaries and self-limiting behavior.

In this workshop we will learn how to truly develop a balanced practice. If you feel weakness you will learn how to cultivate strength. If you feel inflexible you will learn how to encourage mobility.
Here we will uncover the simple tricks to help us discover the path to breakthrough. We will discuss the most common yoga setbacks- mental-blocks, injuries & immobilities, and how to honor them so that we get the most out of our practice.

Bring your aspirational or most challenging asana and hop into the hot seat to examine how your pose reflects your habits, your posture reveals your patterns and how to determine your specific course of action.

Part asana lab, part personal exploration. Each participant will receive some one-on-one coaching from Abbe to meet individual goals. Workshop Length: 150 minutes

Part Two: The Mind

Body, Emotion, Fellowship: A Human Yoga Intensive

What are the physical manifestations of human emotion? How does the body react to loss, pain, or joy? Why do we give power to these emotions?

Uncover the importance of community and fellowship. Take your practice to a new level by learning to embody yogic principles that lead to conscious living and transformation. We have been collecting and refining our tools of practice, now it’s time to learn how to use them to heal the mind instead of only the physical body.

Join Abbé as she dives into the layers of what we take on every time we hit our mat.

Workshop is available to anyone with an existing yoga practice and a desire to examine the human experience. Workshop length: 120 minutes

Part Three: The Body

The Fundamentals of Flight: An arm balance and inversion workshop

Not only are arm-balances and inversions fun transitional tools to add to your practice toolkit, they are also important to finding a balanced asana practice. They challenge us mentally and physically by forcing us to slow down, find strength, courage and trust.

During this all level workshop we will build the basic framework for safe and sustainable inversions, specifically working with the anatomy and alignment in the shoulder girdle, core and bandhas. While exploring these elusive arm-balances we will focus on proper alignment and bone-stacking, training techniques and exercise drills to strengthen and open your body for inversion practice.

Each participant will receive some one-on-one coaching from Abbe to meet individual needs. Workshop Length: 150 minutes. Workshop is open to all levels of practice. Bring an adventurous spirit and a willingness to learn.

***Each individual workshop is $40, or $100 for all three.

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