Yoga Retreat with Guest Teacher Rachel Elise

Rachel Elise

DATE:  Feb 7 – 14, 2015

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PACKAGES:  We have a number of Yoga Retreats. Try our Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Adventure, Pure Yoga or maybe a Yoga & Surfing Retreat. For more information visit our Anamaya Retreat Packages (ARP) page. We’re super excited to have Rachel Elise at Anamaya as our guest yoga teacher.

ADDITIONAL WORKSHOP: Debunking the Lies of Body Care, Yoga & Nutrition. This includes three separate classes for a total of 10 hours over the week. The price is $265. For more info please see below.

Guest Yoga Teacher Rachel Elise

During your week at Anamaya Resort our guest teacher Rachel will share with you specifics about the art as well as the science on relieving old injuries while helping you into your most optimal alignment to prevent future injuries. If you want to find out what your secret motivator is to a consistent practice, then you won’t want to miss a single session. Also, if you want deep transformation in your yoga, to finally take it to the next level and to really understand the bio-mechanics of lasting results, NOT temporary – then you’ve come to the right place.

Rachel’s Bio and Journey

Rachel Elise

Rachel’s yoga journey began when she was a young, professional dancer with a cancerous colon and extreme, daily pain in her knees. This experience eventually leads to Rachel’s nationally-known business that debunks the lies of BodyCare, Yoga & Nutrition. Did that get your attention? Hope so!

Along with Rachel’s illness came deep, deep depression, until she made the decision to jump head first into alternative medicine. She discovered a passion for learning what living a “Healthy Lifestyle” is really all about! Critically, she learned that her food choices were directly related to the vitality of her body, her organs, her immune system as well as her mental health. Today, she understands that one’s physical biology has everything to do with one’s thoughts and feelings making manifesting your desires possible through very specific meditation techniques.

With a new natural lifestyle, Rachel’s depression soon vanished. She realize now that her growing physical and mental health had EVERYTHING to do with her ability to love easier, forgive more willingly and grow her passion for life… which was an amazing turnaround from the grave cancer diagnosis she had once faced.

This huge inquiry into alternative healing methods—including Ayurveda, Herbology, Meditation and Vegetarianism—started as a hobby, became an obsession and then transformed into a full time lifestyle and business: Blue Moon Elise Herbal Body Care In 1999.

Blue Moon Elise (BMe) creates around 60 different, 100% synthetic-free body care products which help people experience greater health by eliminating toxic chemicals from their homes and lives. These are sold in BMe’s retail establishment, on the BMe website and in various health food stores and spas around the U.S. Yet there’s still more to Rachel’s story.

Following her health revival, and after years of positive experiences with yoga, she was involved in a serious auto accident. After this life-changing event, her practice seemed only to intensify the crash-related, major pains she had in her neck and shoulders. This extreme pain combined with yoga’s seeming inability to rid her of her daily inability to lead a normal life, led her to decide to close the doors of her own studio, BMe Yoga.

Rachel began to feel that if yoga wasn’t helping her, it surely couldn’t be helping others. But within two weeks of this decision to close BMe Yoga, Rachel discovered Anusara Yoga. The education Anusara gave her superseded all of the 200+ hour yoga training programs she had previously attended. Thanks to this method’s focus on body alignment, Rachel became completely free her once-debilitating shoulder and neck pain and she began to seriously study alignment-based yoga techniques.

A few of her favorite teachers and personal mentors are Desiree Rambaugh, John Friend, Todd Norian, Gina Minyard, Sarah Faircloth, Stacy Millner-Collins and Joe Taft. What Rachel knows and impart to others comes from them. Her classes are based the innate goodness that resides in each of us. And at the core of each, is specific attention to the alignment framework around which our bodies are naturally built. Her classes are deep and personal, but with a super-blunt and humorous approach to healing. If you have the intention to heal your body and the willingness to learn and discover, then to you Rachel says: Game on!

Rachel Elise at Anamaya Resort

Debunking the Lies of Body Care, Yoga & Nutrition Workshop

The Why’s, How’s and What For’s of Meditation

Join Rachel for a deep exploration of neuroscience and human potential. Learn how you can break old habits and create new ones, in real time… also known as, “how does this meditation stuff really work?” Workshop meditations will be results- and goal-specific, with step-by-step guidance and discussion on what’s literally happening in the biology of your body as you practice. (4 hours)

Yoga: Healing or Hurting?

Is your yoga helping or hurting your body? Empower yourself and improve your practice with a deep understanding of your body’s biomechanics. Slight tweaks to your alignment within poses can eliminate long-term aches, decrease back pain and rejuvenate your joints in ways you never knew were possible! This workshop uses a therapeutic, hands-on approach–the instructor will make continual adjustments to your postures as we move, to ensure you are working with your body, not fighting it. Plus, we’ll introduce the pairing of emotions with postures to speed mental and physical healing. Get ready to go deep! (4 hours)

What The “Beauty” Industry Doesn’t Tell You About BodyCare and Nutrition


Why is BodyCare so toxic? What are the three key things to have in your home emergency kit? Get Rachel’s “avoid by all cost” list of ingredients and two-step plan to vibrant, healthy skin… once and for all! Learn the one really good reason why you may be struggling to lose weight. Understand sugar: Friend or foe? Is there something growing in your gut? How do emotions affect your health? Leave feeling empowered with the knowledge you need to make informed choices about body and beauty care! (2 hours)

The package price for the entire Workshop is $265. Drop-in classes are allowed and the prices will be as follows:

  • Meditation Classes – $130
  • Yoga Classes – $130
  • Nutrition Class – $50

**These will be additional classes NOT included in your yoga package**


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