Yoga Retreats with Gracy and Sarita


DATE:  March 14 – 21, 2015

PRICE:  See Anamaya Base Rates for meals and accommodations.

PACKAGES:  We have four Yoga Retreat Packages (ARP’s) to choose from. Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Surfing, Yoga & Rejuvenation, and Pure Yoga. Our yoga classes are for all skill levels, from beginners to experienced yogis.

THE EMBODIED PRACTICE WORKSHOPS:  Gracy and Sarita will be offering separate workshops during the week as well. These include:

  • Yoga Goodie Bag – A two hour class that includes Ayurveda and Thai massage techniques (price $25). Lead by Gracy.
  • Get Free – Sarita’s signature dance workshop that helps you find the dancer within (price $25). Lead by Sarita.
  • Dive Deep – An incredible 90 minute journey of Pranayama and Meditation (price $25). Lead by both Gracy & Sarita)

***NOTE: All three workshops package price is $60

Join Sarita and Gracy for their annual Costa Rican retreat at Anamaya Resort.  This beautiful retreat center and their love-filled teachings have a unique way of relaxing your body, nourishing your soul, and revitalizing your mind.  Come practice yoga twice a day and take part in Sarita and Gracy’s special workshops designed to help you bring your yoga retreat experience back to your daily life.

Gracy Teaching at Anamaya  Dance Class

Our Guest Yoga Teachers

Gracy Obuchowicz and Sarita Lou have been friends since they went to “Meditation Camp” in high school. Gracy took a few years exploring the wilds of Peru, Sarita started exploring many styles of world dance, and eventually they both became yoga teachers. Gracy, based in Washington D.C. and Sarita, based in New York City both teach loving vinyasa flow, designing each class for the bodies they see in front of them. While being unique teachers, they share a love of yoga as a lifestyle, a way of living that pervades each aspect of life and relationships. They love teaching our yoga retreats annually at Anamaya!

Gracy Obuchowicz

gracyGracy went to her first yoga class when she was eight years old and continues to be fascinated. She completed a 200-hour YogaWorks certification in August 2009 and her 500-hour YogaWorks certification in February 2012. Gracy is a Senior Yoga Teacher at Yoga District in Washington, DC, as well as teaching at the Department of Justice and leading yoga retreats near and far from DC. Gracy’s classes are the kind you look forward to going to—challenging and centering with great music and a healthy dose of humor. Her teaching focuses on connecting movement to the breath, bringing attention to proper alignment, and a soulful application of yogic philosophy that centers on self-love and compassion.

Sarita Lou

SaritaSarita Lou is a dancer, choreographer and educator. Her love of movement led her to become a certified yoga teacher in 2009 and since then she has taught dance and yoga in New York City and internationally. Having worked in film, television and theater as a dancer and choreographer, she continually seeks ways to share her love of movement with the world! Find out more about her at



A Special Message From Gracy & Sarita

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