Yoga Retreats with Mirjam De Hoon

DATES:  April 29 – May 6, 2017

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PACKAGES:  We have a number of Yoga Retreats and packages we offer our guests. Try the Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Surfing, or the Pure Yoga package. For more information please read more about our Anamaya Retreat Packages. Or for those who are not totally into yoga, there’s no need to choose a yoga package at all – you can book all your activities and excursions A La Carte. We call it the Relaxation Retreat.

We are also now offering a Scuba Certification and Yoga package to our guests.

WORKSHOPS: We’re excited to offer our guests two special workshops this week. A Meditation Workshop, and a Breathing into Freedom Workshop. Please see below for more details and information.

Guest Teacher Mirjam De Hoon

Mirjam is an internationally certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance ERYT 300+ -), Yin Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness coach. She attended many additional teacher training programs and has accordingly studied the anatomy of the body, breathing techniques, Intuitive Development, Mindfulness, Meditation, Healing, Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Ayurveda and TCM. She specializes in treating burnout and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, relieving stress symptoms and trauma.

Mirjam started her quest towards personal transformation at the age of 16. Ever since she has collected knowledge and experiences, completed training programs in Yoga, Nutrition and Detox, Awareness, Transformation, Healing, Meditation Mindfulness and Spirituality.
My life has been like that of many, filled with ups and downs – perhaps more downs than ups. I basically lead a life of fear, of struggle and of hard work. I managed to do so on will power and certain convictions. When I was sixteen I started to experience extreme fears and panic attacks. I got exhausted and became depressed. It became part of my life for a long, long time. Multiple burnouts brought me down. I tried many classes and sessions, therapies, psychologists, doctors, alternative healers, coaching, retreats, medication, herbals, and gurus. All in vain.

In 2010 her life took a turn. She attended a Teacher Training Program in the Netherlands. During these classes she was allowed the opportunity to teach herself, and she has been teaching ever since. Half the year she lives and works her partner and daughter in Ibiza and the other half in Costa Rica.

I hope to prevent you from taking that long road of hardship that I took, although now I know it was needed to arrive where I am today. I want  to inspire you and create a setting with other participants and amidst beautiful nature. A setting in which you awaken and reconnect with your heart. It’s time we return to the ease and magic of simply being.”

Teaching Philosophy

In her classes Mirjam emphasizes the more subtle aspects of Yoga that open up the heart, spirit and body, in order to bring about more balance, joy and physical health to your life. She combines knowledge, healing, intuitive development, mindfulness and yoga with the use of meditation, visualization, breathing techniques and physical poses. Mirjam provides you with tools to enable you to heal yourself. She helps you to recognize patterns and you will gain insight on how to break out of them. She will lead you away from your mind and towards your heart. To guide you to a place from which you can observe the world with a clear view and experience peace and joy.

Mirjam aspires to inspire as a teacher, guiding you in your personal transformation. She clears the road to personal transformation, providing you with easy and practical directions. You will find yourself making contact with your inner infinite knowing, peace and happiness. Which as you will come to understand is easily accessible to anyone.


Meditation Workshop – Feel Your Inner Joy

3 hours for $60

In essence life is actually really simple.

Coming back to this essence we can feel true inner joy and peace.

No matter what is going on around and inside you.

The philosophy and practice shared with you during this workshop is aimed to support and inspire your inner joy and peace through meditation. The essence of the practice is training to become a neutral observer and let your mind become an ally. You’ll become the master of your life. Meditation is a state of steady focus, quiet and calm, a self-conscious state of knowing or witnessing

In this workshop Mirjam will share with you yoga philosophy concerning meditation, knowledge about thoughts and emotions, asana and breathing practice to calm down your nervous system enabling you to enter a mindful awareness and of course you’ll practice meditation. Mirjam will guide you towards an easy meditation practice to start yourself after this workshop.

The workshop is very practical and down to earth. You don’t need to have any experience in yoga or meditation. Both beginners as advanced practitioners are welcome.

Bring pen and paper if you want to make notes.

Breathing into Freedom – A Pranayama Workshop

1,5 hours Price Is $30

This workshop will relax your nervous system and free your body from stress.

The workshop is an introduction to the yogic practice op pranayama. Which offers practices and insights that are indispensable to our physical and mental wellness. Breath always has been the thread of connection, taking us from the busy mind towards our hearth, our intuition.

It’s common for pregnant women to learn about how to use the breath while in pain during labor. But who has learned to use breath to deal with physical, emotional and mental challenges and even pain? Pranayama is a specific, intentionally induced pattern of breathing in which you engage for a time to produce a desired effect on your body and mind.

Starting to integrate breath work with the yoga poses (asanas) is what will bring your yoga practice more to the spiritual nature of (hatha) yoga. Pranayama practice will also deepen your meditation practice.

In this workshop Mirjam will share with you the physics of breathing, knowledge about the breath and offers you breathing practices to release tension and other memories inside your body, the practice will calm down your nervous system. She’ll offer it in a very practical way so that you can easily integrate this in your life and/or in your yoga practice.

You don’t need to have any experience with yoga or breathe work.

Let Mirjam know before or at the beginning of the workshop if you suffer from hyperventilation, anxiety, panic attacks, and dissociation or had any psychotic experience.

Bring pen and paper if you want to make notes.

Both beginners as advanced practitioners are welcome.