Yoga Retreats with Brenda Cyr


DATES:  May 28 – June 4, 2016

PRICES:  Please see our Rates and Reservations page for our base rates.

PACKAGES:  We have a number of Yoga Retreats to choose from. Yoga & Rejuvenation, Yoga & Adventure, Yoga & Surfing, or Pure Yoga. Please see our Anamaya Retreats Packages (ARP’s) for more details.

WORKSHOPS:  We have 3 exciting Yamuna Body Rolling workshops to offer our guests this week. Each workshop is 90 min and the price is $40 each and $100 for all three. Please see below for more details and information.

Guest Yoga Teacher Brenda Cyr

Brenda CyrBrenda Cyr has been a licensed physical therapist for 24 years. After practicing yoga for many years she completed her yoga teacher training in 2010 and in 2012 she completed her Yamuna body rolling level 2 certification. Brenda a uses a holistic approach to blend Yoga Yamuna Body Rolling and physical therapy. In her free time she enjoys surfing, biking, skiing. She has found that by having a regular practice combining these disciplines, many injuries can be prevented or managed independently. This allows you to continue to do what you love and she loves sharing this gift with others.

She is the co-owner of Willard Beach Studio in South Portland ME where she has her PT practice and a studio that offers Yoga Pilates and YBR. She is a wife and mother of two young boys. Another one of her passions continuing her education. He current area of study include the therapeutic use of therapeutic essential oils and Thai Bodywork. When we stop learning we stop growing.

Brenda’s Philosophy

Brenda cyr yoga poseMy philosophy on teaching is that we all have the ability to care for and heal ourselves. Often we do not take the time to do it, we get busy and drift away. Sometimes we need to learn new skills or maybe just to be reminded of how powerful the tools are that we already have. Caring for others should be at the top of list of “our true purpose” but how can we do that if we are not showing up as our best selves. Sometimes it takes a week away to really start to find “ME “and lean how to take care of that person.

My teaching incorporates many styles of yoga from Iyengar, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Therapeutic. My physical therapy background gives my teaching strong focus on anatomy and alignment. Each style offers benefits that may open us in new directions. With breath work we can slow our thought and clear our mind. Through Asanas we can open, let go and find grounding. In mediation we can incorporate all of this and take it with us.

Practice time on the mat is practice for our lives.

Working with the physical body we can have a powerful effect on the emotional body. We will do focused work on the hips to release fear and anxiety. Working on the heart to create space for new people and experiences. Working on the feet and spine to find grounding and stability. You will leave the week with a strong intention for self-care. If you have commitment and consistency, amazing things will follow.


There will be three workshops offered during this week at Anamaya. You will be working on specific areas of the body using Yamuna Body Rolling.

Yamuna Body Rolling is a whole body fitness system that relieves pain, frees myofascial restrictions, increases joint range of motion, and improves bone quality. It consists of a series of routines using 4 to 10 inch specialized balls. Unlike other ball exercises, YBR goes far beyond movement and stretching. It allows you to work specific muscles in detail. It is effective as a self-healing treatment.

The three workshops offered will be:

  1. lengthening the spine
  2. releasing chest
  3. neck deep hip release

You can choose to do 1 or all 3. The work does build on itself, but you will also have amazing results even if you choose to take only 1or 2 of the workshops.

Yamuna’s work is unique because of the immediate effects it has on your body and how easy it is to continue the work on your own.

Each workshop is 90 min and the price is $40 each and $100 for all three.