Yoga Retreats with Shaney Aalbers

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DATE:  March 12 – 19, 2016

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WORKSHOPS:  We are excited to offer our guests an exciting 3 part workshop this week called Confirm the Unique You. Save $15 if you take all three! Please see below for more information.

Guest Teacher Shaney Aalbers

Guest Yoga Teacher Shaney Shaney has been teaching movement practices since 1995. In 2000 she became a licensed massage therapist. Gaining experiential knowledge from the combination of these two responsibilities, Shaney would rather reference herself as a guide to the body, than that of being named a teacher. Shaney claims that as we research our bodies, we can credit the value of our unique soul, potent spirit, and individual interpretations as that which teaches and informs our ongoing potential.

Shaney has acquired an undergraduate degree in community health education, and a great number of certificates in exercise and yoga training. She has circumnavigated the globe, visiting 16 countries. Shaney’s travel is dedicated to formal study, yoga instruction, offering bodywork therapy, and of course – play. In addition, some of Shaney’s adventuring is devoted to exploring uncertainty with a curios mind, daring herself into the ways that confirm that this being human is a spiritual experience. ! Shaney fuels her smile with both proficient and novice skills that move her through any of the following endeavors: climbing (bouldering inside, sport climbing outside), boarding (snow, surf, skate), rolling on wheels (bicycle or motorcycle), dancing, and napping. Many of these activities include being accompanied by two of her best buds, Dylan and Dixie (her dog friends).

Having both lead and co-lead group yoga experiences in Bali, Hawaii, Mexico, Peru, California, Oregon, and Washington, Shaney is eager to explore Costa Rica’s possibilities. Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Shaney thrives and lives in Portland, Oregon.

Shaney’s Teaching Philosophy

Lightheartedly, Shaney refers to herself as a bit of a gypsy. The first 10 years of her formal yoga studies she pursued the influence of a number of the industry’s top names and versatile styles, studies gathered in Oregon, Washington, California, and New York. Shaney appreciates Shaneyasanathe idea that she was founded on the ‘people’s republic of vinyasa’, both in her personal practice and teaching methods. According to certification validations, she collected both a foundations and advance studies certificates from The White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, California. In 2010 and 2013 Shaney returned to India (her first visit was in 2007) to immerse herself in the wisdom and teachings of the Krishnamacharaya Yoga Mandiram, appreciating the Eastern interpretations after being steeped in our western ways and the teachings of the industry seniors (well famed names) who were bringing forth their understanding of the classical methods of yoga.

Grateful for the liberty to create and experiment, Shaney appreciates how the increasing popularization of the vinyasa style yoga has permitted sincere research in the laboratory of sequencing and body play that allow her to weave in some of the traditional standards (asana, pranayama, mudra and mantra) and unique techniques that promote both a readiness and recovery from some of the other aspects of lifestyle, recreating and sport or play. With 15 years of bodywork therapy informing Shaney’s “unique” techniques, she has borrowed inspiration from a variety movement disciplines and thousands of hours of moving bodies around and believes that a thorough joint and soft tissue preparation permits sustainability and endurance both in our quality of movement and an endurance with our ever fluxing attitudes and emotions.

3 Part Workshop, Confirm the Unique You

REGIMEN: 2 hours – $50

Shedding a creative light on alignment principles and traditional asana standards. Routine asanas serve us as splendid building blocks and imperative foundations for the complexities that become known as reasons for naming this yoga art as svadhyaya or Self study.

Explore and research the crossover, where sequencing and repetitive patterns enable both a monotony in the mind and sneakily prepare our body and spirit for the eruptive circumstances – where change choses us, potentially simultaneous… delightful and devastating. Recovery and resilience often mean we are prepared for injury and upset. Joint and soft tissue preparation techniques in this workshop will inform us of our body’s inherent wisdom and improve our heart’s faith, and prime us for the “recess” of play in some of the levity (where the practice finds us surfing gravity: being upside down and experimenting with the ease of our strength).

This workshop aims to satisfy all levels (body, mind, heart).

RECESS: 3 hours – $60

An antidote for boredom. Also, a welcome for the underwhelmed: monotony can be the platform for the novel ways that reinvigorate many long-term commitments!

Right side up and upside down, turn some of the traditional shapes all around. This session is dedicated to those who have sampled the Regimen workshop and those who have at least a 6 month relationship to yoga. We will exercise the “out-loud smile” and the evidence that a shaney on skateboarddeliberate shift in our perspective can insure more mileage out of this human experience, fueling our spirit and aspiring to a lifetime of yoga.

Ad lib triangle, tree pose, crow fundamentals, inversions, and moon postures. Novelty can prove to enhance our mind-set as it is near certain we will wax and wane on this path if we set our sights on a lifetime engagement with yoga. Deliberate coloring outside the lines…be prepared to work! This workshop is for the minds that could afford to stretch a bit. An able body is best; chronic symptoms might be evicted and acute issues could be ushered out of existence.

RITUAL: 2 hours – $50

Routine as an insurance plan – ensuring a belief that results from faith in the practices. This session is devoted to symbolism in the mudras of both the hands and the body. Mantras for the mind, proving as a method of pranayam, where the breath turns to sound. And Themes that can be called in as a way to re-ignite the heart so that the body’s wisdom can heal us before the logic needs to understand. Shaney revels in reminding all to “feel first, and understand later”. These two hours will find us invested in the subtler aspects of the asana and grand investigation in the attentional fitness. All levels welcome.

***Save $15 if you take all three workshops***

A Message from Shaney