Yoga Teacher Training-Kripalu Yoga Poses

Yoga Teacher Training-Kripalu Yoga PosesKripalu Yoga is different because it is the yoga of consciousness. Practicing this style of yoga you must immerse yourself consciously through the practicing experience to self-discovery. Yoga teacher training will help you become a better yoga teacher so that you can help direct your students to this stage of awareness. While practicing Kripalu yoga you need to be able to dive into the physical posture by giving yourself away and letting it reveal who you are.

Press Point Methodology

Through yoga certification you will be able to listen to your body and follow the energy of your body while focusing your mind into awareness.  Kripalu Yoga uses Press Point methodology for moving your body into the postures and attuning your body to the pose. Press points are simply and allow your mind to not focus on the perfect posture. The press points will help guide you to a proper alignment while in the pose, which will bring maximum stretch while being safe and supported. While focusing on the press points your alignment flows effortlessly and helps to allow your body to flow into a natural push without forcing the stretch.

Yoga teaching will show you how to use press points safely and accurately. Before you move into a posture just sit still and breathe evenly. Make sure for each asana that you are aware of each press point and the direction. While being still, visualize your movement into the posture being aware of each point. Then sit still and relax your body. Now, begin the pose and do exactly as you had visualized, focusing your awareness on each press point. Once you have positioned yourself in the asana, focus on the press points and press into each of them while you keep your breathing steady. Let the posture take you.

Yoga teacher training will bring you the connection between life and yoga. It will teach you the benefits of routine yoga practice and the awareness that it brings into your life.

Press Points

Chest points-two points in soft chest muscle about two inches below the collar bones. These points are where your thumbs touch the chest and are in line with your ear lobes. Pressing these points helps lift the chest and allows the lungs to fully expand with breath. They also help align the spine, keep your torso straight, and your shoulder blades in place.

Crown of the Head-the top and center of your skull. When your crown is pressed upward and away from the shoulders your spine is allowed to lengthen along with the neck leaving the chin parallel to the ground.

Hip Bones-Front facing points of your pelvis. Pressing these points with keep your gluteus folds strong which will help support the spine.

Hips-the points on each side of the torso just below the waist. Pressing these points provides a side stretch and will help balance the muscle groups.

Sitz Bones-the two bones that we notice we sit on. Pressing down into the ground during a pose will align the spine.

Soles of the feet-The bottom of your feet. Pressing them down equally brings a sense of balance. It brings a sense of grounding and allows the entire body to extend.

The Squeeze-Rotating and lifting the muscles where your buttocks meet the upper thighs. This brings your pelvis into alignment and lengthens the back of the thighs. It can also protect your lower back in certain poses.

Tailbone-is at the base of the spine. Lifting the tailbone moves the torso forward which can shift the stretch and pose to the back of the legs instead of the lower back.

Wing Points-the lower inside areas of the shoulder blades are used with the rotation of the spine during a twist. Pressing on these points will rotate your torso in the same direction.

Over-all Idea

Kripalu yoga and yoga teacher training will bring a blend of traditional postures, pranayama which is breathing exercises, and relaxation.  Every class will emphasize a compassionate and non-judgmental attitude so that it is suitable for any age or body type. Each session will bring centering and awareness, postures, pranayama, and meditation to energize the major systems of your body.

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