Yoga vs. Traditional Fitness

The warmer months are approaching and we will be out in our warm weather clothes and swimwear which does not leave much to the imagination. If you have been sitting on the couch all winter long you may be in a last minute panic trying to decide what the quickest route to getting in shape could be. Do you continue on with the traditional fitness regimen that you have always done or do you look for something new like yoga to fill the slot? Everyone’s fitness requirements are different so we really need to think about what fits into our lifestyle the best. Yoga teacher training talks about how being a yoga teacher takes commitment and so does any fitness plan.

Why do we need fitness plans?

Most of us know that we need a fitness plan to improve our physical and mental health. We also can recognize that being overworked and running in a fast paced society we can look at fitness as a way to relax and release built up anxiety and tension in our bodies.

Wellness vs. Fitness

Wellness programs are popping up in all areas of our lives. You will find them at work, at school, and in fitness studios. The most popular wellness program is yoga, regular aerobic and weight programs and motivation workshops. Most people tend to take all three and create a personalized wellness program. All three of these are unique and separate from each other. Yoga teacher training is making the practice part of a bigger picture. Combining poses and breathing with meditation brings a whole new approach to wellness.

Yoga teaching is a unique science and can be the most complete way to healthy lifestyles. It will help us explore and challenge our minds, our bodies and the very nature of who we are as a being. Yoga is the best practice for finding inner harmony.

Differences between traditional fitness & Yoga

Regular Fitness Programs are:

      • Goal oriented
      • Exercise the physical elements of the body
      • Focus on completely daily benchmarks
      • Competitive in nature
      • Concentrate on physical exertion
      • If goals are not met-you fail
      • Weight training produces a bulky look
      • Fitness programs leave you feeling tired and exhausted

Yoga provides:

    • A complete process
    • Improves physical, mental and emotional health
    • Focuses on what you are doing and how you feel as you do the postures
    • Non-competitive and look at individual connection to body, mind and soul
    • Gentle, concentrates on physical relaxation
    • Success by doing
    • Increases health, muscle strength is enhanced by toning
    • Bring a sense of rejuvenation and refreshed feeling

Motivational Workshops vs. Yoga

Motivation workshops try to help you by fighting your problems with the power of the spoken word. This effectiveness is sometimes limited and the influence does not stick. Yoga can engage these two elements by giving you strength to erase the problems and move towards a life of harmony and balance. The differences of the two are:

Motivational Workshops:

      • Involve direct but impersonal connection between the speaker and audience
      • Connection between parties is only at an intellectual level
      • Does not stimulate the subconscious of the listener
      • The spoken word has a limited impact and is forgotten after a period
      • Targets the intellect of the person not the overall development


    • Yoga is direct and personal connection between the yoga teacher and student
    • Connection is a spiritual level
    • Stimulates the subconscious of the student
    • Yoga opens the trapped energy in us and leaves impression on the mind
    • Targets the overall personality of student and bring balance to mind, body, breath and spirit

Yoga is most likely the only discipline that can provide an overall personality development and leaves you feeling energetic, confident and motivated. It helps create a balance in the body. It helps tone the nervous system and releases anxiety while creating inner harmony.

Yoga teacher training discusses the benefit of yoga strengthening your immune system and building concentration, focus and mental flexibility. Yoga will bring a new awareness about the effects that stress can have on you. It will teach us to be humble, kind, and giving. Yoga will make us happier, healthier and better human beings.

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