Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is beautiful practice with many benefits. Especially if you practice regularly. More than just stretching and relaxation, it can also be a great way to manage your weight. Not only does yoga build muscle (which is important in speeding up your metabolism), it can raise your heart rate and decrease stress.

If you’re looking to add “weight loss” to your personal list of yoga benefits, try Vinyasa Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Hatha Yoga or Forrest Yoga. These styles go above and beyond simple stretching and meditation, incorporating strength-boosting poses, faster transitions between poses (hello higher heart rate!) and a ton of core work.

Of course, it’s important to find the style that feels right for you. Weight loss is different for every body and the most important part of achieving your weight goal is to make sure it’s done in a way that supports your body and is something you can commit to doing regularly. If Vinyasa Yoga totally exhausts and depletes you, it won’t be beneficial for weight loss over the long term as you will likely rest more between classes and maybe turn to comforting snacks more often. Find what makes you feel powerful, beautiful and strong and your body will quickly follow suit. Check out local studios, online videos or even our Facebook group for different styles of yoga until you find the one that works for you.

And keep it consistent! A daily yoga practice is SO beneficial for mental, emotional and physical health. Even if it’s a quick 10 minutes between appointments or a handful of invigorating poses before your morning coffee, your body will thank you. Once you have the asana practice, you will also begin craving healthier foods to nourish your body. Check out our post on healthy snacks for inspiration.

Remember: getting started is the hardest part. It takes time to build a habit and change your life. Our yoga retreats are a fantastic way to kickstart your personal yoga revolution. Not only will you be practicing yoga daily but you’ll be served 3 healthy and delicious meals, tons of sunshine and fresh air, surf lessons and freedom from the distractions of your daily life to commit to this goal. These retreats give you all the tools you need to go home and maintain your practice, your health and your overall wellbeing.

Check out what past guests have said:

“From the moment I stepped foot onto Anamaya’s property, I felt the magic in and around my soul. I felt like home immediately. Every there with you is a like-minded individual, most likely looking for the same things in their life at that moment. A life changing mind-body-soul experience. The property is unlike anything I have ever experienced. It is like one big home, with many small guest houses littered around the jungle property. From almost anywhere you have a sweeping ocean view. Everything is beautiful, and the decor is very Moroccan and comforting. The staff is immediately like family to you, and they take care of you like family. The food is out of this world. Everything is so healthy and delicious. My stomach had never been happier than it was that one week. The yoga is by far the best yoga I have ever done. I know this is all dependent on the instructors, but I have a feeling anyone Anamaya would pick will be amazing. Their yoga decks are out of this world beautiful. You feel like you are in a dream, practicing yoga, with the sounds of the jungle, thunder, rain, butterflies flying around you. So tantric and mystifying. The activities are ALL so fun. Do as many as you can, but make sure to leave enough time to relax and be alone. Coming alone on this trip, I am surprised how little I spent by myself. I literally had to carve out time in my days to sit and meditate myself, otherwise you are with friends, having a blast! I could honestly go on, and on, and on about this place. But all you need to know, is that you need to go here, SOON. You WON’T regret it, and it WILL change your life.”

“The food was amazing. It was filling, healthy and delicious. Even with all the delicious food, I was able to lose a lot of weight because I was not eating any junk. Anamaya has thought of everything and the attention to detail is superb. Everything is planned out perfectly. You can either have a very busy week filled with activities or you can have a totally blissful week. The service is far superior to any 5 star hotels in the entire world because they treat you like family instead of guests.”

“Anamaya and the staff are amazing! My friends and I went for a yoga and surf retreat and came back with way more than we expected. The staff are so kind and fabulous that I left feeling like I have extended family. The other guests who were there when we were there were wonderful so we made lots of new friends. The food was A-mazing, healthy and all dietary needs met. The yoga classes were a great workout in the mornings and rejuvenation in the evenings. Look no further, you will get more than your money’s worth at Anamaya!!!”