Young Vision Surf School – Montzuma’s Best Surf School

Young Vision Surf School Montezuma Costa Rica

Young Vision Surf School is one of the most popular Costa Rican owned and operated surf school in Montezuma, Costa Rica. Their experienced local bilingual instructors offer high quality surf instruction to all those interested in learning the art of surfing. Even expert surfers can take their help to enhance their wave riding skills.

This may be your best bet for getting access to experienced local instructors who will teach you not just about safety in the water and progression of how to stand up on the board but also catching waves of all sizes and other tricky surfing modules. Young Vision Surf School offers daily lessons at Playa Grande, which includes use of their surf board, rash guard and a couple of hours of instruction with the instructor. You can also bit into fresh, luscious fruits between surfing lesson breaks on their special beach spots. All Young Vision instructors are bilingual and CPR certified, and class sizes are limited to a maximum of three surfers per instructor to ensure everyone is kept safe and gets individual attention. While in Costa Rica, you get the opportunity to support a Costa Rican owned surfing school, while enjoying the region’s beautiful waves and fulfilling your dream of mastering the art of surfing.

Young Vision Surf School has been training people of all ages from all over the world the finer nuances and enjoyable experiences of surfing. The proficient instructors have dedicated plenty of hours towards the pursuit of becoming lifeguards and Certified Surfing Instructors. Young Vision has been constantly developing and upgrading their program to speed up the learning process of their students in a bid to help them learn as much as they can in the shortest time possible, while all the same helping the newcomers forge a relationship with the waters and comfortably take in the new surroundings.

Their general plan is priced at $40 per person, which includes a 2 hour lesson with your instructor, use of the surfboard and rashguard. Young Vision Surf School also offers Group Packages allowing friends and family to enjoy surfing sessions together.

At Young Vision Surf School, their prime concern is the student’s safety. They go out of the way to ensure all their instructors have the requisite knowledge, skills, ability and concern to keep all their students safe and aware all the time. The avant grande surfing school has concentrated on having their certifications held with some of the best known organizations within the surfing community across the globe. The ISA or International Surfing Organization has developed one of the best surfing systems to speed up the progression time in order to help travellers learn surfing in a short time span. They have taken the necessary time and effort to ascertain that they have some of the best Beach Rescue Lifeguards with CPR and full medical capabilities to keep all the students safe. Their instructors have spent decades in the ocean and know the ways of the water and how to truly respect it and stay safe. They will always focus on what’s safe for their clients even if it means calling off lessons if the ocean is conditions are not suitable on a particular day.

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