Yoga Teacher Training – Day 1

First full day of the training.  I am feeling inspired by the asna and general yoga education.  Jackie remains to be my favorite teacher and I feel aligned with her philosophy in many ways.  I think she is handling the group well also.  I love the info she is teaching although I feel like we could be moving through it a bit faster.  I am excited to begin teaching and plan to teach a regular weekly yoga class at Anamaya.  I plan to put myself on our website as one of the yoga teachers.

I don’t think I’ll have time to do much of the reading assignments for this training.  I just had a great idea.  I can ask Lia to give me a summery on the readings.  I love working with Lia and I hope she stays with us for many years. (she is our retreat coordinator).  The debate at the after dinner discussion last night was very interesting in subject matter, but not the “argumentative” nature of peoples different viewpoints.  I don’t like that part of human nature where we all feel the need to be right, especially when it’s a philosophical discussion where there is really no right and wrong.  I feel pretty evolved in my spiritual philosophy, but that certainly doesn’t mean that I have nothing to learn.  Today I to question “what are we going to do with the information that we gain,” from the news for example.  There is really not a good answer, other than be more in fear. which of course isn’t very useful.  I realize that I like my little bubble separated from the world and the media’s view of it.  Any news that I really need to know will come to me via other people.

that’s all for now…  Joseph

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